Cloning doesn't work

I tried to put a TextLabel in server storage and clone it into the person’s BillboardGui that is in the character’s head (yes, the script that clones it is server script). Why isn’t it working?
(char is the character of the person, it is loaded by the On Character Added function, there are no other errors in the script)

game.ServerStorage.CurseTitle.Title:Clone().Parent = char:WaitForChild("Head").Header.Container.Title

Anything in output? Have you also tried using FindFirstChild instead of WaitForChild?

No, there isn’t anything in output. Using FindFirstChild also didn’t work

Try to change it a bit and debug as well:

local Title = game.ServerStorage.CurseTitle.Title:Clone()
local Head = char:WaitForChild("Head")
print("Title Type: "..typeof(Title))
Title.Parent = Head.Header.Container.Title

Tried it, didn’t work. Debugging didn’t catch anything too. That is a really weird situation

So it didn’t print anything? That’s extremely strange…

Try printing to check if it’s maybe not inf waiting for head:

local Title = game.ServerStorage.CurseTitle.Title:Clone()
local Head = char:WaitForChild("Head")
print("Head: "..head.Name)
Title.Parent = Head.Header.Container.Title

It look like it is right that! Nothing printed

Ah then try using a new method:

local head = char.Head or char:WaitForChild("Head")
game.ServerStorage.CurseTitle.Title:Clone().Parent = head.Header.Container.Title

That is now really suprising
It didn’t work again
I hate Roblox so much…
Like, It finds the head for other type of stuff that I don’t want, but It doesn’t on Cloning?

I think this is because parts have a property called Archivable, and the Character’s descendants have it set to false (or true, not sure which) which makes them un-clonable. Try setting it to true (or false if its true already) before cloning.

try maybe putting some space. try using this!, and see if it works.

local title =  game.ServerStorage.CurseTitle.Title
title.Parent =  char:WaitForChild("Head").Header.Container.Title

and see if it prints works!

All of them are Archivable, tried making them not, still didn’t work

I’m not sure then, is the script even running in the first place?

(Check by putting a print() before your code starts)

Very weird that it won’t work or print but maybe something like

local title = game.ServerStorage.CurseTitle.title
local clone = title:Clone()

clone.Parent = --etc.

Sorry for late answer
Yes, the script runs perfectly. I have tried it doing some other things.

Alright, It looks like CLONING doesn’t work AT ALL on the TextLabel, it works on models and parts. What?!?

Try this:

game.ServerStorage.CurseTitle.Title:Clone().Parent = char:WaitForChild("Head").Header.Container

Cause i see two Title and it seems wrong to clone Title to another Title but i dont know, try it.