Cloning Script Into Touched Player

Hey there!
How can I make a script in a player that clones itself and parents itself into another player whenever they touch each other, and can be cloned into other player, etc? A lot like a zombie script.

Note: I am NOT looking to make an infection script or virus of any sort.

I’ve tried:

local clone = script:Clone()
clone.Parent = BodyPart --The other player

But this causes a lot of lag and crashes Studio.

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Hello! So what I would do for this is make the base script in server storage and then use


And parent the cloned script into each player you want it to be in! For example, you could loop through the players and check if a Bool Value is marked true for the conditions of having the selected script.

For example, you could set the value to true after the player is touched using the touched event.

Hope this helped, happy holidays!


Loop through all instances of the ‘contaminant’ player’s character, check if it’s a BasePart. If yes, add a .Touched event to it. Check if the given argument was not a map, check if it was a character, and if yes, do :Clone() and parent the script to him.

I’m not sure, but I think it might be necessary to Disable/Enable the script, because if it already ran, I don’t think it’ll run again, after being parented to somewhere else.