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I am Nacos, Graphic Designer since around 2 years. I use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. (Principal software that i use) I’v complete a lot of commissions in these last 2 years, and i got a lot of experience. I’v also my own style, but i can do kinda everything.

My Portfolio : Behance

And here some exemple : (Click on the arrow for open the folders)

- Logo -

- Banner -

- Thumbnail -

More of my work available on my portfolio!

My availability :

Am available during week-end, on week i usually don’t take commissions, but if am free, i’ll do my best for doing it as fast as possible.

My prices : (Price are negotiable but i will probably decline the offer if you low the price)

Logo : 20$ / 2K R$

Banner (Twitter, YouTube,…) : 15$ / 2K R$

Thumbnail : 10$ / 1.5K R$ (Depends of the type of thumbnail you need, the price will change)

Advertisement (1 order = 3 size [Banner,Skyscraper and Rectangle]) : 10$ / 1K R$

Anymore custom design : Come in Discord/Twitter for a quote.

Extra Note :

  • For the logo, if you want a logotype, the price will moov to 20$-25$. (If my shop have promotions, the promotion will work)
    But you will get 3 concept for find the perfect logo, and unlimited revision. (Can’t take more than 1 week of work or i will have to pause or cancel the order, but don’t worry, the average time is around 2-3 days.)

My contact :

  • Twitter : @NacosComms (Manda’s Comm’s)
  • Discord : Manda#9819 (If it don’t work, thank you for letting me know by replying to this post)

[OPEN] - October Promo !

Soon :

  • Taking UI Design orders


:beginner: Thanks for reading, have a good day! :beginner:



Okay let’s answer everyone in one message. @quan_hero14 @AmbitiousCorpral @prTESTAQ So, do one of you Know the price of a logo in the professional world ? A logotype, for exemple, take 2-3 days, 1 day is around 300$. Also, 50$ is for the max. amount, not the average price.
It’s not because you make, or know someone who make logo for 100 Robux that everyone should too. I sell for that price because first, i choose my price by myself, it’s not to you to choose. I’ve also a lot of knowledge about the design and i make a lot of different style, it’s why my price are higher. Also everything on my works are made by me, i dont take logo on Google and sell them. Have a good day.

*I forgot one last thing, it totally depends on if you like my design or not, if you don’t like it, it’s you will probably say “It’s bad”, but obviously if you like it, you don’t will say that. Also i changed some of my price because i prefer listening to the community, hope you prefer it like that :3 Have a good day, again.

Personally, I just think it’s rude to ask an artist to lower their price. They chose that price because that’s what they believe their worth, if you don’t agree, just don’t buy from them. Don’t ask an artist to lower their price just because you don’t like it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

-50% in all my shop / 10 days left !


  • Price update
  • No more promotions
  • Minor text update

Also, if you want me to add more design exemples, just let me know by replying to me.