[Close] 3D Modeler with Textures (Pets)


I am looking for a 3D modeler that makes textures included in the price, I need Pets with theme for each area of the map (Must have Egg Included) for each area I will need at least one egg with 6 pets, one of the pets will need to call more attention (Secret pet), and I would also like the pets to be made with their own imagination, as I don’t have much creativity, pets should be a little less “cute” than normal in other simulators, I mean without cute faces.

(note: I may need more work like this in the future)

Currently my game has (11)


Screenshot_62 Screenshot_63 Screenshot_64 Screenshot_65 Screenshot_66 Screenshot_67 Screenshot_68 Screenshot_69 Screenshot_70 Screenshot_71 Screenshot_72

note: Each Area must have 6 pets with the Theme indicated, one of the pets will have to call more attention to be the secret pet, must contain an egg according to the theme.


I am willing to pay 300 :robux_gold: for each pet / egg made. (approximately 21.000 :robux_gold:)
(Note: Group Funds)


Discord: VitorGamer#1667 (send me some demonstrations of your work)
I will reply as soon as possible

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Hi! I am interested. I will show demonstrations of work. I have been 3d modeling for 2 years.

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