[close] Remove shadows from textures?

Hello, the trees I use for my game have very black foliage because of the shadows, and I did not want to uncheck the “Cast Shadow” box because I want to keep the shadow of the foliage on the ground. Anyone know of a way to fix this problem? Thank you

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ShadowMap does add some contrast to your lighting, you can up the brightness on your texture if you like everything in the current setup but the foliage.


Better yet, you can make shadows brighter because the default shadow is unrealistically dark. Due to how light bounces, most shade in trees isn’t pitch black, just darker.

Basically, don’t change your textures because that’ll effect the parts not in the shadow too. Instead, brighten up the shadows.

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Hello thank you for your answer, or can I change the properties of the shadows, I don’t see how?

I don’t think there are actual properties for shadows. I believe you would change the brightness of the shadows with OutdoorAmbient.

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I tried with other trees to see and it looks better, I think the foliage mesh of my trees are too dense. I will surely change trees thank you all