[Closed - 0/3] Crygen - User Interface Designer

About Me

Hi there !

ask I’m Crygen and I create medium quality UI designs in Roblox Studio from some months.
system-update I’m still practicing to up my skills and do good ui designs.
second I have 2 years of experience in roblox games development.


rotation I can do a lot of differents UI style for any type of game.
folder Showcase pictures are sorted from the older at first to the most recent at last.
settings Everything is scaled, organized, and renamed.

Pets World

Arena Defenders

Dungeon Quest

Survival Games

Smash Karts

new (1) New Showcases

Driving Fanatics

Fish Battle

Dungeon Heroes


deadline I am available to work for around 3 to 5 hours a days.
repeat (1) I usually finish a commission from same day to a week.
zzz (1) I’m always faster to respond on Discord. If I’m offline, it means I’m sleeping or i’m working at my irl job.

star Current commissions: 0/3

Payment (1)

negotiation Prices are negotiable.
money I accept robux and paypal payment.
tag I not accept percentage payment.
paypal My favorite payment is on paypal.

star [Full game Ui] Minimum price: 2.500 Robux / 7.5$ Usd - Maximum price: 5.000 Robux / 15 Usd

return Prices change on how many UI there is, how long I think it will take to complete and how much detailed they are.
exclamation-mark I’m giving the product only after i got paid, not before.
warning After a product is given, there is no refunds.


discord Crygen#9538
Roblox Roblox
Rblx Icon DevForum

  • Portfolio Reworked
  • Price Lowered: 15.000 Robux > 5.000 Robux
  • New Showcase Added
  • New Ui Showcase
Smash Karts

  • New Ui Showcase
Driving Fanatics

  • New Ui Showcase
Fish Battle

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Your are overpriced for your quality

Not really, my prices change between 2500 and 5000 robux. This is the minimum price i can do, everyone that i worked for are happy by quality/price.

Bad quality > 1k to 5k robux
Medium quality > 10k to 25k robux [Me x2.5 lower prices]
Hight quality > 45k to 60k robux
Very Hight quality > 80k to +100k robux
This is the general price i saw on a lot of differents Ui portfolios.
There is an example of a very hight quality Ui Designer: Chenami : User Interface Portfolio (UI/UX)

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Very fast worker, Uis are neat and organised well.
Highly recommended!


Commissions are now closed, i’m now full time working on my own game project

Showcases Updated

Dungeon Heroes