[CLOSED] [0/3 Slots] snzzyems [Complete Portfolio] - Building, 2D Art, GFX, Clothing Designs

:red_circle: All commissions are closed. :red_circle:

Hi all! I’m Emma (she/her), and I am currently offering my services as a builder, 2D artist, GFX artist and clothing designer. I’ve been building on the Roblox platform for around 3 years, and been doing art for 4 years, as well as GFX. I have quite a bit of experience in clothing design as well.

Finally, after 6 months of taking a break, I am back to continue with my commissions! Currently, I am ONLY doing commissions for my digital artwork, and having a pause from the others.


2D Art

(Ordered newest to oldest)

Kyoko Kirigiri (Danganronpa)

Self Portrait (Roblox)



Nagito Komaeda (Danganronpa)

Junko Enoshima (Danganronpa)

Phase 4 Noodle (Gorillaz)


Clothing Design

I am available 2-3 hours a day on weekdays, 3-4 hours a day on weekends. You can contact me anytime during the day, I will respond as fast as possible. My time zone is AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time)

Prices range depending on complexity.

Building Prices (CLOSED)

[Individual models]
[Small assets] R$ 150-400
[Medium assets] R$ 450-600
[Large assets] R$ 650-800
[Small buildings] R$ 1500-2500
[Medium buildings] R$ 2500-3500
[Large buildings] R$ 3500-5500

2D Art Prices (OPEN)

[Shoulders-up portraits - 2000x2500p] R$ 4500
[Half body portraits - 2000x2500p] R$ 5500
[3/4 body portraits - 2000x3000p] R$ 6500
[Full body portraits - 2000x3500p] R$ 7500

[Laptop wallpaper - 2560x1440p] R$ 6500
[Extra person - any resolution] R$ 1.5x original price


[Plain render, no editing] R$ 100
[Square, 1500 x 1500] R$ 350
[Thumbnail, 1920 x 1080] R$ 650
[Skyscraper advertisement, 160 x 600] R$ 400
[Banner advertisement, 728 x 90] R$ 400

Clothing Prices (CLOSED

[Individual pieces] R$ 500
[Outfit sets] R$ 850

[General notes]
-I have the right to cancel a commission if the job is too stressful.
-Do NOT rush me, please. I have a life outside of Roblox.
-The completed product will be given AFTER payment. I won’t be doing upfront payments to avoid refunds in the unlikely case that I am no longer able complete the work.
-I will send in evidence of the final product, then request payment.
-If you wish to pay through t-shirts, you MUST be willing to pay the 30% fee.
[Building notes]
-You may choose whether I hand the finished product through a file, or place it myself in the workspace via team create.
[2D Art / Clothing notes]
-I am uncomfortable with NSFW content, so do NOT request anything of that nature. I will not draw mecha/robots, or very masculine drawings.
-If you request that I draw something from a fandom, I will only create art for a fandom I am familiar with. This rule is to ensure that the fandom is something I know is appropriate.
-I will not add anything after the artwork is complete. Please tell me everything you want before I start.
[GFX notes]
-As mentioned above with the art notes, I will not be adding anything to the completed piece.

The best way to contact me is through Discord, ems#9167

I do NOT respond to messages on the DevForum, or Roblox

Thanks for reading,
snzzyems / Emma <3


keep the good work up! I am sure people will take from you some stuff :slight_smile:


Amazing to work with. Fast delivery and perfect results. Definitely recommend!

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Amazing work! I would 100% suggest her! She is quick, kind and does amazing pieces of art!

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This is not somthing that i would personally buy. and all the images are a little small wich is harder to see what youve done.

i would reconmend making some prices ALOT smaller. around 200 - 500 robux

Apart from that. its all great!

Not sure if you know how much time and effort that goes into these art works. Artists like her spend hours and hours on these pieces of art so that’s why they are that price.


Oh ok!
The buildings could stay the same prices
maybe the others 1000 - 1999 obx

Damn these are some top quality clothings! Added you in discord! :slight_smile: Zakaruko#2029

Finally, after 6 months of inactivity due to school and simply needing to relax, I am reopening my commissions!!!

Over the past few months, my art style has slightly changed, so I have removed most of my old artwork, and replaced it with some new ones! The piece of art at the top of the digital art examples is most accurate to my current style.

I am only doing artwork commissions right now, which means no building, GFX or clothing. 3 slots are opened.

I hope to continue making some pretty cool works, and getting to know more people through commissions. I hope you all have a fantastic day, and maybe considering hiring me :eyes:


  • Lowered/Fixed some prices.
  • Addition of recent artworks.
  • Extra slots available!

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hey :3


oh my god that’s ADORABLE :heart:
my avatar is based off of noodle from gorillaz btw, not an original idea lol