[CLOSED] [10-15$ PER ANIMATION] Hiring Weapon Animator



About The Job

Looking for a professional animator to create fluid R15 weapon animations. A high standard of quality is expected and good communication with the project manager is necessary.

Applicants who use either Blender or Studio Animation Plugin are both welcome to apply, as long as they are sure they can produce good work on either platform.

Animations are for Guns (shooting, reloading, sprinting, crouching, etc), and as said above, for R15.


We are looking at paying 10-15 USD per animation. Amount of animations to be made is unknown at this point in time, alternatively payment can be made in Robux if preferred.

Contact Us

Applicants can send me a DM on the Devforum or contact me on Discord (LordHammy#1337).


Hey there,

how difficult? I may or may not be able to do this job. I’m currently new to animating but i’d say I’m somewhat good with animating.


As said in the post a good amount of experience is required to complete this task. You’ll be expected to have knowledge of Inverse Kinematics, and how to effectively create animations that are smooth and visually appealing. I can’t give you a measure of difficulty here, if you show me examples of your work I can better gauge your ability.


Umm. Thanks very much but I think I’ll pass I just started work on another project.


I’m no animator but your prices seem pretty reasonable. You might want to check out Erythia’s work, maybe she’s the right person for the job :smiley: Erythia | Animator, Builder Portfolio


I’ve found an Animator that’s currently doing an excellent job at the task. Thank you to anyone who reached out!

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