[CLOSED] ($10 per) Animators Needed URGENTLY


Hi everyone,

My development team needs animators very urgently for a project that we are working on. These animations are short and simple but need to be satisfying and done in an efficient amount of time. We need about 5 (maybe 6 but it would be 1 of the 5 split into 2) animations done within about 2 days or less. These animations are about a few seconds each, so they’re not anything complicated like dance moves or anything like that.

Payment is $50 total.
If you’re interested in the job, my most active places to reach me are at my Twitter: @FamedChrisRBLX or my Discord: @FamedChris#1337

Please approach saying you are interested in the job and provide with some past examples of your work. Thank you!


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My DMs are open!

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