[Closed!] 1.000 Robux - In need of a few low poly palm trees

Please mind that this job is taken!

About the Job

Hey there,

I’m in need of low poly palm trees, like in the image below. They all should have differences in their size, leafs and trunks. You don’t need to color the palm tree, it just needs to be separated so I can color it on my own in Studio.

I need around 4-5 different types done. I don’t think they’ll take too long to model, you’ll have around a week to finish modeling them. No rush.


Payment is 1.000 Robux via group funds, directly after you sent me the palm trees and I had a short look at them. I can also show proof of funds if you feel unsure.


You can contact me via Discord. My username is Andrevk26#3103.
*Make sure to include some references when contacting me!

Hope to work with you soon!

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