[CLOSED] [100K ROBUX + 40%] Hiring a programmer!



Untitled-1 Hey fellow devs! Ventrix is currently looking for a primary programmer for RoStreams - further detailed information can be found below -


Ventrix is an upcoming game development Studio. We’re currently looking for a primary programmer for a major project of ours, RoStreams.

About The Team:
@ofyderpman - Project founder, project lead, primary builder.
@planefreak34 - Secondary builder.
@??? - Programmer.

About 40% programming work has been done so far from commission based jobs but definitely not all of it. If you’re interested in checking out the project, feel free to check it out here:

RoStreams Game Link

https://www.roblox.com/games/1127100442/RoStreams-In-Development (Currently the game is in paid access, but I don’t mind disabling paid access for a few minutes to show a potential programmer the progress; just let me know in the comments below.)

If you’d like to check out the development group and community, feel free to check out Ventrix here:

Ventrix Group Link



To begin, let me state that this opportunity is a long term opportunity; not a short term. You are considered as a partner and 40% shareholder of the project. Programmer will be paid a total of 100k Robux + 40% once they are done programming the project, we can set up a payment system where you are paid for every task you complete, the payment system will be deducted from the 100k total payment.

Programmer is required to have the game functional in ‘Beta’ state by early-January. Communication is key, so we may maintain a healthy team relationship, therefore the expectation is that we are to talk and check daily progress in order for us all to stay on the same page.

The game assets of the main map (where mostly everything takes place) are already completed and ready to be programmed. Stressing someone most definitely isn’t my way to get things done, so instead the expectation is that you are to work at a minimum of 2 hours per day so we can stay on track for that early-January launch. Programmer is also required to be able to work/make UI’s, you will not be making all of the UI’s, but it is preferred that you are to be able to work/make UI’s.

In terms of organization, we use Trello to keep everything organized and make sure we’re all on the same page. Previous experience with Trello is appreciated.

  • Most of the DevRel admins have seen the game since one of my buds that works at the HQ has shown them the project and they have fallen in love with it. They have guaranteed us a spot on the Featured page once we launch, and we do also plan on dropping 100k+ Robux on ads/sponsors once we launch.

  • In terms of connections with YouTubers - Kreekcraft and GRatedFamilyGaming are fans of the project and is in the development group. He’ll be checking out the game on launch and streaming/making videos about it. (He can be found in the “Influencers” rank in the group.)


A ROUGH IDEA OF THE GAME CONCEPT - Will definetely provide more information to a potential programmer.

RoStreams is a streamers life type of game. Players start up on an older PC, and they stream in order to receive money (each PC can handle a certain games. For example - the first tier PC will be able to handle Parkour only; meanwhile the 4th tier PC will be able to handle a full on zombies game), when players are streaming, they are to get teleported into the actual game that their PC can handle (if you have the 4th tier PC, you’re able to handle all games; since that’s the highest tier).

While players are streaming, they can see the chat live as they play the game they’re streaming and be able to see live donations occurring aswell. Players are able to upgrade their setup, purchase new cars, houses, cook new food, purchase new furniture, ect with all the money they make from streaming which is transferred into the main map (where the Bloxbuy, car dealership, houses, grocery store, game shop, lake and restaurant is located)

You can contact us here on DevForums or via Twitter or Discord.

Twitter - https://twitter.com/OfyFTW
Discord - OfyFTW#1526

You must be 14 years old or older to apply. You will be asked to show us your previous work in-game that you consider your best.

Thanks for reading!! :slight_smile:


Something nice.


Great opportunity to make a lot of money here, and get great experience in working with other developers on an organized team.

Was a builder for Ofy on this project but quit to focus on my game, however I would highly recommend taking this job as soon as you can as it will be gone soon.

Even if you aren’t too interested- give an application and see what comes back! At least you would get the opportunity.


Great idea, great project, great team. I’d accept it if I had more time


Very interesting. I’m not much of a person to design/make UIs though.


Sounds cool, I don’t much like working on top of other programmers work, though.


The current code for the game is super organized, and super optimized… We use AeroGameFramework created by @Crazyman32.

In all reality, only things such as

  • apartment claiming
  • dealership interaction/customization
  • house spawning/purchasing
  • ui tweening

have only been completed by the previous programmer. If you are still interested, shoot me a DM on Discord or on the DevForums, we could potentially discuss something!

Worst case scenario, we could re-do the code if you are having issues with it - although, the code is super optimized and well written to the point where you’d easily be able to understand it.


Being able to work with UI’s is just a recommendation…

Worst case scenario, I could have a friend of mine create the necessary UI’s - although, there isn’t much UI’s to be completed regardless.

Shoot me a DM on Discord or on the DevForums if you’re still interested!


I see. Looking at the game it seems nice, unfortunately I’m busy on another project but I hope you find somebody!


No worries :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time!!!


Very cool game idea. Cool opportunity!


I don’t script but games sure does look cool.


UPDATE - Still looking for a programmer!

Seems like an issue with most programmers is the lack to create UI’s - creating UI’s will no longer be required if you’re interested in applying; although it’s definitely a bonus for us to consider!


:o Do you accept builders? If not, would you like me to make a video about this game? (A StopMotion Animation minimun 30 secs long)


Not really looking for a builder haha, me and @planefreak34 have already built the map entirely.

If you’re interested about making the animation, then sure. DM me on Discord or the DevForums and we’ll talk!


I’m interested in applying, I’ve added you on Discord.


Hmm, still no real quite response…

Would love to know why :slight_smile:


Sure! What’s your disc code or group so we can talk through there?
If you wanna friend me, my name on disc is @sebas9499.