[CLOSED] 132k+ star wars group looking for ui designer 50k+ robux (negotiable)


About Me

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Hey there! I’m the current owner of a massive Star Wars RP group known as The Galactic Republic (TGR) with over 132k members. We were founded early 2016 and have been in operation with consistent activity since then. https://www.roblox.com/groups/2742631/The-Galactic-Republic#!/about

About The Job

We are looking for a talented and professional UI designer to join our team and develop our UI for our upcoming Star Wars game known as Mandalore. The job contains developing all UI within the game including menus, shops, inventories, armor selection screens, etc. We won’t give out to many details in this advertisement, if you take up the commission, everything will be revealed. This map is the group’s largest project yet and we want to maintain a healthy, productive, and quality environment for all our developers.

Example of our game's building style

RobloxStudioBeta_AgfEPYb3Cf RobloxStudioBeta_epMlF58Zjw

Our game will need at least 10-12 frames completed. In the event that 10-12 frames cannot be completed within the time frame we give you if you take up the commission, completing 7 frames plus the source file of the UI will work as well. Everything is negotiable.


We are paying 50k+ robux and is negotiable based on how good you are, how fast you complete the project, and how professional you are as well. We do not do USD, only robux group funds payments.

Contact Us

If you wish to apply, my Head Developer and I can be contacted through Discord and Twitter.

@GucciMane#3629 – @PaIioxis
@Paulino#6274 – @ChronicBuilder


We do not accept random friend requests for a variety of security reasons. If you’re interested in the job, please comment on this post if you’re applying through Twitter or Discord with your username or discord username and tag. Please be advised, if you apply, you must have a dev portfolio or some way to show you’re experienced in the field of UI design, if you do not, we will not consider you for the commission. We look forward to seeing any talented UI designers join our team! :sunglasses:


Interested in the job, sent friend reuqest on Discord. Dave_#0895

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I am interested. Sent a request on discord :slight_smile: MrBunnyKing#8346

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Add me on Discord at:Exaboy#2811

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-30 char-

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Are you looking for UIs converted into roblox, as a photoshop document, or as a normal photo document?

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Interested in the job, I’d like to talk via Discord. I’m Snaps#1024.

I’m interested in the job, add me back on discord SamRBX#7330

Im interested sir in help! Im new here and im looking to try be hired

Hello i am interested My discord: HarryMcFlury#8910

I’ve added Paulino#6274 on discord.

My tag is xyn#1414

GucciMane#3629’s discord is not currently accepting friend requests, you’ll have to either turn them on or add me for me to contact there!

I’m interested if you are still open. My discord is Vortex#9801

Interested in this job, Discord; PhoenixDev#0540

Interested in position if still open.

Portfolio: [REOPENING SALE] Quaint | UI Designer for Hire!

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