[CLOSED] 15k - 20k R$ and 15% map builder


Hello, I am here requesting to hire a builder for an upcoming game I am creating. It will be called Wanted Simulator, I need a map builder to build low poly simplistic houses that can be on every level. I am going to pay a 15k - 20k flat rate fee (negotiable) and a 15% group payouts (negotiable) If you are Intrested or have any questions feel free to dm me on here or on discord Teddy#2247 these payments are not final and can go upon the quality we see in your work.
b_irdio - Teddy



Can you provide:

  1. A more in-depth description of the game and its idea.
  2. What you will be doing for this project.
  3. The timeline.
  4. Other games you had a leadership role in.

The payment seems fair as far as I’m concerned given what you’re asking, which is a great start in comparison to other posts I’ve seen. Just add some more info (and pictures/plans/examples/concepts/anything if you have them!) and I’m sure you’ll get plenty of interest :slight_smile:

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Hey, the game will be a simulator where you rob houses safes. Once you rob them those items fill your backpack. When your backpack is full you sell those items. However it takes time to crack a safe in a house. You can upgrade by purchasing better lock picks etc.

I am the project manager and programmer. I am also doing UI’s for now until we see if we want to hire a UI designer to.

We have no timeline as we want to make this game the best it can possibly be.

I myself am a Designer in the group Skittles Studios. A group with over 500k+ members and a game with over 300M+ visits. I was not a leader there but was a developer



Recruitment re-opened!



Hey @b_irdio! I am interested. I will keep working until you like it. I sent you a request on disc. My username + tag is Best#1340



I’m interested; sent you an FR on disc; Gravitydefier#0621.



I mean I can do it. I’ll be able to upload things I’ve done when I get home.



I am interested discord: Pixel#0005



So do this houses need interiors as well? And how many different copies of the houses will need to be made?


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