[CLOSED] [20%+ & 30k+ Upfront] Polybyte is Hiring a 3D Artist

Polybyte is a studio formed around three principles: passion, innovation, and quality. Our goal is to bring highly entertaining, creative, and polished experiences to the Roblox platform.

Our Twitter:


Our Roblox group:

  • @Cypraith (Project Lead) - an experienced gameplay designer, UI designer, animator, and project lead going to college for Game Design and Development.
  • @AbiZinho (Programmer) - an experienced programmer and UI designer currently studying Computer Science in university.
  • @notacrab (3D Artist) - an experienced modeler and builder, currently out of commission.
  • @YourNameHere (3D Artist) - a passionate, optimistic, and skilled 3D Artist!

  • A highly creative and passionate group, where we work hard to raise the bar for all games on Roblox
  • A tightly-knit team, where you can rely on one another while maintaining a professional, yet relaxed work environment
  • Opportunities to think outside of the box and massively affect the future of our projects, your say matters
  • Work remotely with flexible time schedules

It is a team-based, match-based combat game revolving around a skill tree and special progression system. This game has been in development for several months: all user interface is complete, the vast majority of internal and some external programming is complete, all sound design is complete, and a small amount of modelling/map design is already complete. The rest of the details pertaining to the game will be fully disclosed upon hiring.

Below are some progress shots of the game:

You will be responsible for creating a variety of high-quality assets, both 3D models and smooth terrain. Some examples of what you’ll be creating are: magic attacks, cosmetics, and map objects. (Our map layout will be mostly smooth terrain so it will require few models). Models will be simply textured; going for a cartoony-type style model-wise.

  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Proficient in time management
  • Background in working on large-scale projects
  • An epic gamer :video_game:

  • Experience and competence with the Roblox platform
  • Experience and competence with an external 3D graphics application such as Blender
  • A team player that is passionate about their craft and our ideals
  • Great communication skills and not “difficult to work with”

  • 20%+ stake in group earnings
    • Why should I take a percentage?
      • The last game released by Cypraith generated over $10,000 USD in a few months, and was nowhere near as polished, creative, and properly executed as this game is.
      • We have a massive advertising budget to gain exposure for the final product of our game.
      • The gameplay is designed around modern-day psychological and game design theories to maximize success and entertainment for all who play.
  • A base payment of 30k Robux. If you surpass all of our needs, there is negotiability here.

You must be 16 years or older to apply.

To apply, please reach out to @Cypraith and/or @AbiZinho with examples of your work. You will be more favorable if you are able to provide a portfolio and/or resume. The best place to reach us is on Discord (send us a friend request!):

Cypraith - Cypraith#9124

AbiZinho - AbiZinho#3774

We hope to have you on our team! Have a great day. :smiley:


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