[CLOSED] [$2000 USD] Hiring a team of developers!

No, I mean USD. It says in the title $2000 USD.


Updated - 6/13/19
Had some minor details to include within the plan. All should now be explained.

Hi Ricky,

I have just now read this thread and couldn’t find anything confusing or possibly misleading which i’ve seen stated multiple times in the replies to this thread.

Good luck with your game and I hope you can find a wonderful team who is dedicated and willing to create exactly what you have in mind.

PS: Don’t rush finding someone to fill a spot in either! You may find the quality you need for a price thats less!


Thank you for your support! It is much appreciated!

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Done! check your discord.

There’s nothing wrong with abandoning the unfinished or sub-par work. It’s the not paying your workers for their work that is illegal.

If I ask for a house to be built, and the builder makes me a shed, im not going to pay them in real life, so why would I in ROBLOX?


Update - 6/14/19
We are still looking for an experienced scripter! Payment is $600 which will be paid upon release. Jobs should be easy for scripter with medium to high experience. Please apply if you havent already!

Still looking for a builder and 3D modeler?

Modeller needed!
2 builders needed!

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Would really recommend @Sir_Trolling, past encounters were very pleasant and he’s a very skilled modeler.

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I’m working with Sir_Trolling as well and I agree that he would be very fit for the job.

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As of this time, Sir_Trolling does not want to join the team. Thank you for your advice though.

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