[CLOSED] [$2000 USD] Hiring a team of developers!

About Us

Hello. I am PieRicky. I am looking for a team of developers including builders, scripters, modellers and animators to help build a new, extreme sci-fi border crossing. The idea behind this game in an already populated genre is to have small quirks and specialities that mean we really become the best.

The Team
@PieRicky - UI Design, Building and Project Management
@aStRoJim - Scripter
@TheDreamDealer - Builder
OPEN - Modeller
@ancant64 - Animator

About The Job

All members of the team must be highly skilled. The payment for the job is adequate for the skill and detail this project requires. Each member will be assigned their own task to be completed by individual times, leading to the release of the full game in which all members will be paid for their work. Upon release of the full game, members will have the option to leave the group or remain, with high paid jobs as developers. Work that is incomplete will not be paid for.

ANIMATOR ($200) - Will be animating weapons, consumables and other items. This should not be too complex of a job, but the finer details will be the most important.

BUILDER ($600) - Will be building the actual border. This will include a citizen area, the main gate, many walls for troops, passageways, cafes, restaurants, spawns, shops and other areas. Detail is not as important here as creating atmosphere.

SCRIPTER ($600) - Scripters will be scripting the weapons, the gates, the consumables, the items, the doors, the lighting, the emergency defences, the UI (already designed), shops and a robbing system. Further opportunities will be encouraged for this role.

MODELLER ($400) - Your job will be to make the armour and helmets for each division and each class within those divisions. This will be around 30 sets of armour and 30 helmets. You will also need to make the guns, swords, consumables and other items. However, your main job will be to make the specialities for each class. This could include shields, flamethrowers, jetpacks or other permanent accessories.

MISC AND COMMISSIONED ITEMS ($200) - This will be used as back up for any items that need to be produced but do not fit into any of the categories stated above. This could include music, GFX or advertising campaigns.

Although there is no set goal for the release of the game, we would like to have it released as soon as possible. If the game is deemed to be playable before final completion, it will be released early.


As stated previously, payment will be done upon completion. The $2000 budget may be increased depending on needs of each individual developer and the work they have done. Work that is unfinished will not be paid for and will be abandoned.

Developers may also choose to exchange the payment they earn for a percentage of the game profits. Each member will also gain 2% of game profits to make sure they have a constant source of income.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Discord - PieRicky#4256

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Just to be clear, the job description of each will be given upon enquiry. Describing each jobs individual tasks would take up too much space and would make the more important information harder to find.

Scripter and builder payment has been equalled as it has been determined both of their jobs are of equal difficulty and length. This also frees some of the budget for other misc items such as music and GFX.

The inclusions of the scripter role have also been updated.


We are looking for 2 more builders and a modeller to help speed up development. One builder will be working on the raiding fort, while the other works on a holo. The modeller will be working on multiple armours and helmets listed above.


Can you actually give details on what each role will be doing and how the 2000$ will be split between 4 people?

Sure, let me update it. One second.

Updated. Please read each detail to do with your area of expertise.

I would love to help. I never built a border game and I have no problem trying to build one. Here is my portfolio:

Although your modelling work is getting better I see, I dont think you are ready for this task. The models will not be basic and so Id prefer to hire someone more experienced.

No, I wasn’t applying for modeller I was applying for builder. I know that my modelling skills is no the best.

I still believe your work is not enough for this project. If you improve and the position is still open in the future, be sure to apply again.

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So let me get this straight, you’re advertising that you’re paying the team $2000 but they can trade that for a cut of the royalty?

Now something isnt right here and thats not exactly fair. That means somebody else can cut into their percent and your job is no longer accurate cause now a scripter can lose his cut to someone else.

Also you aren’t clear, you either get a cut of the game OR paid from the budget? It doesn’t really sound like you’re too sure of where to put money into and it’ll change as the project goes which although normal sometimes is a huge a turnoff.

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The idea is that the developers can decide if they want a small cut of the money or their payment as stated. Totally up to them and no, it wont affect the money the other developers make.

Could you provide some examples of what is expected?

https://www.roblox.com/games/885450884/The-Grand-Crossing-ROLEPLAY Something similar to this.

Get a cut, or fixed payment + constant source of income as the game launches. It’s an encouraging strategy most groups use to try and get the developer to finish their work to earn more income.

I’d love to help build but I’ve never really built a portfolio and my time’s all over the place. If the game is successful and you ever get the urge to localize it to earn that additional cash, send a message my way. We’ll sort somethin’ out!

Best of luck on the game. Seems interesting!

Hey there!

I might be interested, but not as an actual developer, more of a freelancer due to lack of time nowadays.

Heres my portfolio:

I only accept USD.

I do a bit of everything except Scripting, i can also offer traductions to Spanish English and French.

That’s illegal. It is in the US, at least.
“If the subcontractor does not perform the job as outlined by contract, you must make all current payments for performed work, but you do not have to pay him for the rest of the job. This rule only applies if the substandard work was the fault of the subcontractor. If you had delays on the job due to a poor performance of other third parties or yourself, the subcontract can sue you for the full amount of the job you gave him.” … “You cannot withhold payment from a subcontractor for work performed, but you can withhold time penalties and the cost of your damages until the issue is resolved in court.” (Hamilton, https://smallbusiness.chron.com/can-withhold-payment-subcontractor-32847.html)


Personal trust isn’t a good foundation for a working relationship. You should expect accountability from your employers lest you be taken advantage of. I urge you any any other devs looking for employment to require your employers sign an employment agreement to ensure compensation for your work. If they wont promise to pay you they’re not worth working with.

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The idea behind this method is to retain as much style as possible. If a developer does quit half way through, their work will have to be abandoned. This will make sure that the border does not become a patch-work of a game, made up of multiple developers’ work. I hope this explains as best as possible.

Im very interested in your work with landscaping. Please message me on discord.

You mean 2,000 USD and not 2,000 Robux right?

Just checking because you could’ve put as a typo for R.

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