[CLOSED, 20K-100K Per Month] Advanced Programmer For Hire! Full-time developer job!

Who are we?

Hello developers!

We are ProCreations, a 130.000 members development group on Roblox. We started our group back in 2019 (June) and we’ve been developing games ever since. Currently, we have 2 games available on our page and we are looking to expand our team with awesome developers!
You can check out our group here: www.roblox.com/groups/4760134

About The Job

I, ProZealous is the main programmer and team leader at ProCreations. I am currently looking for another Advanced programmer that can help out in the team. We have had a lot of request from multiple programmers but we none of them fit what we currently need.

What we are exactly looking for? Yes, that’s the main question. We need an Advanced programmer that has worked on Roblox for a long time and knows the Roblox Studio system well. Not only that, we need a programmer that is capable of working alone and in teams. But what are the requirements?

This is what the programmer needs to know and how to perform these tasks:

  • Backend Programming, meaning you work with datastore, saving information without any data loss. Knowing how to save assets in a module, and then using them later. An example could be where you have your character assets saved in a module, and then later on when you’re ready for pick, you grab the information from the module.
  • Capable of working with weapons. Knowing how to make an advanced weapons system for the player to use. Ammo system along with reloading and having them used smoothly.
  • Capable of working with an advanced system like racing. Where two players race with each other.
  • Capable of making powers. Meaning you should know how to make powers using references, obviously, effects will be provided by us, but the scripting part is necessary. You need to know how the power should be used, how it hits, and how it detects when damaging etcetera.
  • Capable of making a trading system. You need to know how 2 players can send each other trades and what to trade, such as currency, or model/assets, and appearing in the player’s inventories.

Of course, these tasks can be performed easily, however, there is a difference when making advanced versions and simple versions, and as you might already know, we are definitely gonna need advanced systems. What I mean by advanced is that the system is well made, easy to understand, and should not have any issues, meaning you cannot bug it out, or exploit it.

There will be tasked requested that is not listed, but if you are aware of making what we requested above, then you should definitely have the knowledge to make anything else we request.

The developer will be working on full-time/long-term projects along with the team. There will be tasks that will be made alone, and others that need teamwork.

The developer will have an interview with ProZealous, the founder to see if you are capable of executing the tasks we ask for. If you finish tasks well, we will have a talk from there to see where you fit with our payments and what to exactly work on, and also the time-contract! (For how long you should work) :slight_smile:


Our team is providing a high amount of payment (Robux Only) for the developer.
Of course, the payment depends on how advanced and how well the work is made but we have a set payment for the developer on 20.000 Robux a month. That is the lowest we go, and we go up to 100.000 Robux a month. This all depends on how well the work is executed.

As you will work on our newest project, you will also gain 15% of the income from the new project.
Meaning you earn 20.000-100.000 + 15% for the number of months we both accept during the interview.

Contact Us

Are you interested in this job offer? That is awesome, we would love to talk to you and see what you have to offer us! :wink:

Make sure to contact me, ProZealous on any of the socials below (I prefer Discord where I’m online most of the time) :

  • Discord: @ProZealous#8900 (Just send me a DM. Worst case scenario, join our discord server: Discord)
  • Roblox: @ProZealous (Make sure to follow me in order to send me a message.)
  • Roblox Developer Forum: @ProZealous (You can talk to me on the dev forum, response time might not be the same as on Discord.)
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/ProZealous (You can send me a DM on Twitter in order to get in touch with me.)

I hope we have interested developers out there, I’m excited to see new developers and expand our team a lot more! Let us know if you have any questions about the job! :star:

Thank you so for reading this! We are waiting for you!

ProZealous, Founder and Lead Developer of ProCreations. :zap:


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