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‎‎⁍ Professional UI / UX Designer.
‎‎⁍ 16 years old.
‎‎⁍ 3 years of experience.
‎‎⁍ Proficient in any UI theme.
‎‎⁍ Provide additional services such as scripting and importing & scaling for all devices.

‎‎⁍ View my different UI examples and past works.

Star Wars UI | Lightsaber Customization Concept

Star Wars UI | Modern
Admin Panel | Modern

Cartoony UI
United Kingdom | Modern UI

For this UK Roleplay game I was given a task to redesign their UI in a modernized fashion.
I opted for an modern and sleek style which fits the game tone perfectly.

Law Enforcement Communication System (Radio) UI

Wooden UI Pack

I decided to open-source this UI pack I made in my free time for everyone to use. Simply download the resources you need, no credit needed:
Free Wooden UI Pack

Project - A | Modern / Cartoony Icons


Made a logo for an Anime Studio.
Comes in 4 different motives.

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • colored_dark

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⁍ Robux / Paypal
⁍ Minimum large commission price: 50k Robux / 180 USD*
⁍ Minimum small commission price: 5k Robux / 15 USD*
*+ additional fees

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Discord | polishedmeat#3481
E-Mail | polishedmeatui@gmail.com


I take it you’re experienced in UI animation aswell?

Do animations cost extra?

Anyways, promising work, I hope to be working with you sometime soon!

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Yes, that’s right. I script UI Animations, which can be pretty complex if needed aswell. Although, they do require an extra payment which can be further discussed before the commission begins.

If you are interested in hiring me, you can add me on discord and I’ll be happy to work with you.

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If you’re looking at this guys portfolio and you’re thinking of commissioning him, you absolutely should. I got him to do a job for me and I have nothing but good things to say. He’s fast, patient, and over everything else he has really good quality. I’d work with him again for sure :+1:t3:

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By the way, commissions are open again! I am lowering the entry prices by 25%!

Added alot of new works to my portfolio! Currently working on a super cool game called “Project - A” (Name not final), check it out under the most recent showcases!

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