[CLOSED] [$250+ USD] Hiring Map Builder/Modeler for Small Job

:wave: Hello members of the Roblox community, I’m looking for a talented Map Designer to create a map for my upcoming Roblox game.
:world_map: If you’re skilled in designing and developing environments and architecture in ROBLOX Studio or Other Modeling Applications – I want you!

Requirements Label
:notebook_with_decorative_cover: Ability to design, plan and lay out organized map designs optimized for player experience.
:hammer_and_wrench: Ability to create high quality structures and environments for use in an optimized game environment.
:alarm_clock: Strong communication and time management skills.
:iphone: Ability to ensure all aspects of the map are high quality, fit within the desired art style, and have an acceptable level of performance across PC, Mobile and Console platforms.

The Job Label
:bookmark_tabs: You will be given a list of islands with their required features and general purpose to design, lay out and create.
(These islands are small but require attention to layout as it will impact gameplay.)
(Structures are strictly outdoors and no interior design is required.)

There are 3 different islands that need designed:

  • Ocean-Side Military Station (Features Include: Docks, Air-Strip, Military Look-Out Structures)
  • Military Camp Island (Features Include: Temporary Military Structures, Flag Pole, A Lookout Tower)
  • Cosmetic Island for Menu Background (Simplistic Island in the Same Style as the Others for The Main Menu)

:gear: All map features will be created in a low-poly format.
:paintbrush: Stylization of the maps will follow a tropical, cartoony take on military design.
:crossed_swords: Maps will be implemented in a fast paced combat-oriented game and need to have gameplay-optimized layouts for accessibility.

Payment Label
:moneybag: The total budget for all currently listed segments is $250 USD.
:arrow_upper_right: You will be paid as you complete islands in a commission-based fashion.
:dollar: All prices listed are in USD and will be paid out via PayPal.

How To Apply Label
:email: If you’re interested and think you meet the requirements, DM me (@Life_Blox) with your portfolio and timezone, and I’ll get back to you when I get the chance.


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