[Closed] [25k-30k R$] Looking for a simulator map builder

About Us
Hey, we’re MouseClick Studio, a new development team actively developing a simulator.

About The Job
You will be required to create a simulator map with 5 levels, including a lobby/start area, with 4 other areas which players will be able to achieve via rebirths. The lobby/start area should be medium sized, while the other achievable areas should be small.

Build Style
Our target build style is low poly. We want the maps to be cheerful and full of bright colors.
[Edit] Above is an example of what we would like in terms of build style.

We will pay you 25k-30k depending on the quality of the map. You will be paid via t-shirt & we will cover the 30% fee. If you don’t have a premium subscribtion we will happily pay you via group funds :slight_smile:

Contact Us
You can contact me via discord: 31#1337
Please have examples of your work ready!
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading!


intrested yo moma#7058

I have added you on discord.–

I am Interested! Contact me on Discord at RazorBladedino117#5440

Portfolio: [Open] RazorBladedino117 - Scripter, Modeler, & Builder

Extremely interested,

Interested in this, I will do it for a lower price.

My partner & I are interested in this!
Sent you a request.

I am interested, sent you a request!

I am efficient in the Blender Software , me and my mother are going through tough times with the bills at the moment. I really need money to get me closer to devexing to help her out with the bills this month. I just thank god that we aren’t homeless or caught covid. I understand that you may have already chosen a Builder/Modeler but if we never take chances we will never know where we will be in life. I hope everybody who reads this stays safe. :slight_smile:

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I am very interested!

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