[CLOSED] 2D Art Commissions | Portfolio

Hello! Welcome to my updated portfolio. I’m currently offering commissions for 2D digital art of your Roblox Avatars - all feedback is appreciated.

UPDATE: Only accepting PayPal at the moment due to increased workload, sorry for the inconvenience.

Style 1 - Anime Inspired



More Art (did these for art contests)

Style 2 & 3 - Sketch Icons

Style 4 - Chibis

Style 5 - Animal Crossing

Group Funds (game passes only for style 1 and 4) OR PayPal

  • Style 1 - Anime Inspired Headshots/Icons: R$960 or 12 USD
  • Style 2 - Detailed Sketch Icon (w/ block of color): R$400 or 5 USD
  • Style 3 - Simple Sketch Icon (w/ block of color): R$50
  • Style 4 - Chibi Ref Sheet + w/ background: R$800 or 10 USD
  • Style 5 - Roblox Avatars into Animal Crossing: - Headshot R$200 (2.5 USD), Full Body R$400 (5 USD)

  • Payment before drawing.
  • Please give 2 weeks for commission to be done if certain circumstances occur.
  • A form will be sent to get necessary information for the drawing (i.e. preferred background, expression)
  • No refunds.
  • Buyer may use art for any purpose - but not for distributing products.
  • Progress pictures will be sent throughout the drawing process.
PayPal Terms
  • Pay under 'goods and services OR I’ll be sending you an invoice via your PayPal email.
  • Do not add your address as this is a digital product.

Feel free to leave me a message here or on Discord: ☆彡#1410

Thanks for taking a look at this, adios amigos! :stars:


Nice I love your work!

Highly Recommended!
Yabb is an extremely talented artist who draws some of the finest art I have ever seen. I hired him for an anime-inspired avatar drawing and he nailed the look giving me exactly what I wanted. He is a great guy whos really good at taking requests and can draw almost anything you ask for. Here is what I received:


Hire this lad! He’s super nice, I really felt comfortable when ordering.The final product was amazing, it totally met my expectations and smaller fixes were done quickly too. Yab is definitely someone you should hire if you want good art for a fair price.


Highly recommend, made me an awesome PFP, cheap prices, and fast delivery.


I vouch for Yabo! He quickly delivered on my commission and was very open to edits and criticisms. If you have a few dollars to spend and need high quality digital art, Yabb40 is the artist to go to.


Reopened! Please note that I am not taking Robux as payment for the time being, sorry for the inconvenience.

(@DIamondGeode on DA aka collaboration w/ me and my cousin)
New Art + Old Commissions:




Another Update: for an art trade



-made for an art trade on DA

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Are you still only accepting Paypal as payment? If so you didn’t put a USD amount for your Style 3 so I’m wondering how much that one would be?