(Closed) 2d artist for game icon

Hello, I have been wanting to make a new game recently but ran into a small roadblock. I have no game icon or thumbnails :(. But, that’s where you come in. I am making a new story game about the arctic and in need of an amazing logo for the game. I will also, be needing some cool thumbnails showcasing the game. If you are interested in this job you must be above 13 years of age and have at least a year of experience in designing logos. Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

If you decide to apply for the job we can change the payment a little but, I will be doing 5k robux for thumbnails and icon or you can get 8% of group earnings from the game.

Discord: Hoblow11#6235


I recommend putting in a little information about the game aswell as some screenshots so people know what kind of GFXes they’ll have to create. Oh and don’t forget to inform us about payment, whether it’s paid or not and how much. Furthermore, I wish you good luck with your game :smiley:


Ok, thanks so much for the suggestion!

You said 2D artist, does that mean you want the artist to draw the thumbnails for you or create a GFX?

Added you, I’m sizzle#7179 :hidere:

I would like them to draw it. I don’t have a need for a gfx artist right now.

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