[CLOSED] 2D map designer

This offer is closed for now.


Hello, my name is APointProven or Zeke. I’m a solo dev for my upcoming project End of the Line which is a 2.5D shooter game.

Here's some footage for reference:

Final UI Update (too lazy to edit) - YouTube

About The Job

I’m looking for some eager map designers who can create some well-designed maps that focuses on gameplay and flow. Remember, maps can look well, but play horribly, so always think gameplay first then design.

Here's an example of good map flow vs poor map flow:

Good map flow:

Bad map flow:


1,000 R$ per map (or a negotiated price if you’d like), and can even pay via PayPal if necessary.

Contact Info

Discord: APointProven#6119



Greetings, your discord does not seem to work. Please add me, maxx.exe#1335

Thank you!

My apologies, I had my frs off

This looks really cool wow :pleading_face:
I love this so much keep it up!

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