[CLOSED] [30%] [NEGOTIABLE] Looking for a scripter for a story game!

About Us

Hey! We are Legacy Games Development, a small upcoming game development team. We’re looking for developers who are willing to join our team and work with us on our new game!

The Game Idea!
We are making a story game with 15 to 20 mins of gameplay. It will be focused at a grocery store It will be a low poly game mixed with terrain with bright colors and low poly assets. It’s a story game. The UIs will be colourful and stand out to the eye and the scripters will need to the UIs and npcs. We will tell more about the game once you are hired.

About The Job

What we need from you as our scripter is the ability to make a simple camping game, In other words, make a “car” that can drive off after a certain amount of time, or after a certain amount of people are in! Y’know the basic story game stuff! More detail can be given if you are hired.

The Team
@Philip_MVP - Head Developer/Owner
@MrDerpSavage - Builder
@Crew101 - Music Composer
@se_TQ - UI
@MAYBE YOU??? - Scripter
@ScytheSlayin - Animator
@MrDerpSavage - GFX Artist
@its_hennn - Modeler


We will be paying commissions for your work on the games. Our payment method is commissions through group funds.

Scripter - 30%
Builder - 20%
Modeler - 10%
Composer - 10%
Animator - 10%
UI - 5%
GFX - 5%
Group Funds - 10%

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at
Scythe Slaying#5934

You must be 1 year or older to apply.

Hope to talk to you soon! :slight_smile:


If you stay with us, you get a special Legacy Games Developer Hoodie!!!


What is this meant to be? I don’t think it is 1 year old :slight_smile:

Goo goo gaa gaa, I can’t type as a 2 month-old human being, nor can I apply.

Wow, this sounds great, and I’d love to join—if only I was a scripter. Still though, it sounds like an awesome idea!


its a joke just wanted to put some humor into the post.

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Thanks! and who knows, you could be a scripter if you wanted to learn!

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I would like to apply for scripter.
I am the scripter of a Cafe group called Honeyz Cafe [400 members]
and the owner of a Lag Test game [400 visits]
And much more Beez_up| Scripter
Discord : ItsChoco#0902

Thanks for reading :smiley:

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Okay! I’ll check out your portfolio later on then contact you.

WHAT THE? 1 YEAR? Is this a joke?! You mad?! :rage:

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rules are rules, sorry man. :pensive: :pensive:

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