{closed} [$300-$400 USD Overall] Army Development Team Needed!

[300-400 USD] Australian Army Dev Team Needed!

About Us

Hi there! We are Australian Army - [AA], obviously in need of a dev team! We’re looking for builders, advanced scripters, UI creators, and more who are willing to join our team. My friend (Aussie_Scott [owner]) and I (jxhhns [co owner]) are hiring!

The Team
@VitoUrbano - Developer 1 - [60-80 USD]
@Anix_Y - Developer 2 - [60-80 USD]
@vullxs - Scripter 1 - [60-90 USD]
@loueque - UI - [60-80 USD or 5000r??]
@Pr_amise - Gear Modeling - [115 USD]
@ZtarZManZ Gear Scripter - [60-90 USD]

The scripters positions are not ready yet as we would like the map to be finished first, but you can still apply!

Gears & Details

RPG | 1 rocket per click, (Only 3 ammo till respawn)
AK47 | Shoots 30 rounds in about 4 seconds (Only 300 ammo till respawn)
Scar | Shoots 40 rounds in 4 seconds (Only 400 ammo till respawn)
Glock | Shoots 1 round per click, (15/200 till respawn)
Motorbike | Goes fairly fast, not so fast that you start going through walls

How Guns Will Work:


This work has to be to our liking for you to be paid, not a few blocks. Do not apply if you are not experienced.

About The Job

We are looking for professional builders and scripters to join our team. We expect high quality builds that adhere to our game’s style. Good communication skills needed. We will check team progress daily, if one destroys all, none of you get paid, this should encourage you to NOT destroy others work. We want a nice team, so no trolling, no toxicity, no destroying any other’s builds, and use common sense, don’t do something you know people won’t like. This is a army game, not some simulator, so we expect it to be an army game. More details will be given if you decide to contact us, please use my discord, I’ll friend anyone that sends a request. Also, this is not a border game.

Build style, what our game should look like (Not Our Game)



We will pay HALF as the build is HALF done, then the rest . More money for more work put into this. Payment can also be negotiated. The whole team gets 5% of the group’s income. We will pay through paypal or group funds. (Use
https://web.roblox.com/upgrades/robux?ctx=navpopover for conversion) Contract will be given so we all understand, you must agree to the contract, and if we truly need to, we may take legal action.

Contact Me

flippy floppy#1848 , UbcW4FZ

I know this is pretty much the template, but I’m quite new here, sorry! I also don’t have all of the funds yet but we are just gathering the team up.


I seem interested for the UI position! My portfolio is right here: [LIMITED] loueque | Enthusiastic Programmer, UI Designer Portfolio


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This is now re-opened for devs and scripters! Please read the available jobs that are left and feel free to apply. Unavailable positions are still applicable, but we are just not hiring the moment.

Still need a gear scripter and another developer!

I’m interested in the BUILDER position! [For hire!] Fast and active Builder
I can change my build skills, And I’m also good at army games so i think this is the job for me! :slight_smile:

Discord: ZakrapGamingYT#8981

Sorry but your skills aren’t to our standards. :frowning:

hey im a builder
dm me so i can show u some of my past work

But as I said. I can change my way of building, your Build style you want would be doable for me! I checked it out!

As I said, it’s your skill. Not your style.

Yeah but, like my skill has improved, the pictures are old!

I’m interested in the scripting job. I sent you a friend request.

Still need a scripter! (just a scripter not a gear scripter)

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