[CLOSED] [300-500+ USD] Arstotzka | Looking for a full or part time Programmer

One_AussieDream and ExecutiveFund’s Arstotzka

About Us

Arstotzka was a successful group made in around 2016-2017 by One_AussieDream and saw not only excellent activity, but an excellent community. We hope to bring the group back and finally spark a new interest in the border community with our realism, determination, and organized structure.

The Project Heads
@ExecutiveFunds - The main modeller/builder for SCP: Roleplay and has headed several build projects in the past in games like Nova Corporation.
@One_AussieDream - A two time group owner in the RoNations community with advanced leadership experience in groups such as Arstotzka (2016-2017)

You can see our progress in the “Development-Showcase” channel located in our discord server.

About The Job

We have many tasks that need completion, such as a third/first person gun script, door system, UI and many more. If interested we’ll provide you a list of all tasks necessary. We hope to spark long lasting cooperation in this project are are excited to further the groups progress with a scripter. In addition to this, you must be a good experience in Roblox development, (scripting) and a good communicator. If hard work is put into this job, you will be rewarded with extra bonuses.

More Example of our game's progress!


We plan on paying around 300 USD for the completion of our tasks, although if a full time position is wanted a discussion would be held about payment. (Fulltime could be expecting up to 200+ USD added onto the 300 USD for completion of tasks)

Contact Us

You can contact us by DM’ing aussie#9259 or joining our discord server.
You must be 13 years or older to apply and in good standing with the DevForums.

We hope to see you on board!


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