[CLOSED] $300 USD | Builder for Star Wars community

About The Job

Hi! I’m in the development process of creating a Star Wars group based around the Clone Wars era. I’m in need of a builder that is able to handle a large project, which in this case is the creation of a map of Coruscant. It is HIGHLY preferred if you’re wanting to join the project that you are willing to stay as part of the group, even if it’s just to develop assets whenever needed (Future assets will be paid for per asset). While past Star Wars development experience isn’t required, it’s preferred. At least a base level knowledge of Star Wars, ideally the Clone Wars, is pretty much required otherwise it’ll be far more difficult to communicate what I want done. The specific details about the map will be given upon contacting me if you’re interested, but the basics are it’ll be a two-level map, with each level being filled with exterior-only buildings on top of some important landmark buildings that will need an interior made. Some of the important buildings needing an interior are listed below:

  • Clone HQ (Main group spawn)
  • Prison
  • Bank
  • Bar (Well, as close as we can get to a bar while not breaking ToS)
  • Senate building
  • Hotel

Everything is subject to change upon talking to you interested, but nothing major should be added to the above list. Since the game will be relatively large, to avoid lag, the game will still be detailed and look nice, but not overly detailed. Since it is a whole map, I’m trying to give ample time, so the deadline is early to mid May (Negotiable), but work must be done consistently and I’ll be checking in on a consistent basis. Any questions about the above can be asked in this post, through Devforum messages, or through Discord (Contact info below)


I’m paying $300 USD upon completion of the map. If you’re a reputable dev, I’m willing to pay parts of it throughout the build as long as you ensure it will be completed. The price is sort of negotiable, but would like to keep it in the range of $300.

Contact Us

Best way to contact me would be via Discord @ Divine#5680 I’ll also respond if you message me on devforum or just reply in this thread if you have any questions.

Thank you!


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