[CLOSED] [300+ USD] Hiring Gameplay Programmer

About Us

Hello, we’re a team of amateur game-developers looking to create a fun, friend-based game on Roblox.

We’re looking to hire someone to program approximately 8 minigames. Descriptions, maps, and UIs will be provided. There may be opportunities for additional commissions.


  • Provide progress-updates on a daily basis.
  • Write efficient, clean, and easy to read code.
  • Experience with algorithms, particularly maze-generation.
  • Follow guidelines to ensure your code is compatible with our current code-base.
  • Experience with AeroGameFramework is preferred, but not a requirement.


Our payment method is Paypal only, in USD or CAD. We’re interested in paying per-task and will provide you with the descriptions and any assets needed upfront. Please contact us for a more detailed description of each task required. Payment is negotiable.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at JamesBlossom#9912. You can also drop your Discord tag below, along with your portfolio and we will reach out to you.


Hey, I’m interested, shot you a fr! Also I don’t have a portfolio, but you can give me some starter tasks to show you that I can script well.

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I’m interested! You can see my portfolio here

You can also contact me on my discord: wraith#0276

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Hello there! i am interested. you can see my portfolio here

You can also contact me on my discord: Slender#1668

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My portfolio: Gutoggg's Portifolio
My Discord Tag: Guto#6740

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I’ve sent a friend request on Discord! My portfolio can be found here: [PORTFOLIO] Chemicalex - Programming, Building, Graphic/Gui Design, Character Art

This position is no longer available. Thank you to those who applied.

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