(CLOSED) 3,000 R$+) Hiring Clothing Designers!

About us

Hey there! My name is @Avtixe and I’m one of the Founders for a upcoming clothing group, Royal Prince which is launching on the 31st of August! We’re hiring about 1-3 Clothing Designers who can get us Casuals, Aesthetic & Formal, Suits outfits done!

The team:

@Avtixe - Founder
@Voxzt - Co-Founder
@Your_Username - Clothing Designer
@Your_Username - Clothing Designer
@Your_Username - Clothing Designer

Work Requirements:

1 | You should have at-least a a month of experience in clothing designing.

2 | Your clothing designs should be both based off of Casual & Formal outfits styles.

3 | You MUST know how to make high quality outfits & know how to do good shadings.

4 | You MUST be the age 13 or above. (Discord’s Requirements so is ours)

5 | You MUST have PREMIUM in ROBLOX in order to become a Designer.

6 | In order to Apply, you must have at-least 2-5 sets of your work published in ROBLOX (for proof of your work)


For the job, for now we’re paying 3,000 R$. Group funds OR t-shirt works for us! We need about 10 - 15 casual, streetwear and aesthetic type clothings. Payments will increase after we have a stable group.


Add me in discord: Zakaruko#2029
DO NOT contact me if you’re new at clothing designer. I’ll unfriend you instantly if so.
Must be 13+ to apply!


I don’t have Discord but here is my info. I’m interested.

My portfolio: [OPEN] MissMae15 - Clothing Commissions

Commission Website:

Clothing Designer - Commissions

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