[CLOSED] [300K ROBUX + 35% OR 100K + 50%] Hiring a programmer for RoStreams!

Untitled-1Hey fellow devs! Ventrix is currently looking for a primary programmer for RoStreams - further detailed information can be found below -


Ventrix is an upcoming game development Studio. We’re currently looking for a primary programmer for a major project of ours, RoStreams.

About The Team:
@ofyderpman - Project founder/lead, primary builder.
@Bloxtun - Manager
@??? - Programmer

RoStreams Game Link:

IIf you are interested in checking out the game - please private message me on Discord or on the DevForums, I'll gladly open it free of charge if so. It's currently in paid access, as the community begged to make it purchasable.

RoStreams [In-Development] - Roblox

Ventrix Group Link:

Link to Ventrix

Ventrix - Roblox


The entire main map is built and about 35% of it is programmed, the remaining amount of the map is ready to be programmed right away. Stressing someone most definitely isn’t my way to get things done, so instead the expectation is that you are to work at daily so we can stay on track for that. In terms of a deadline, we do aim to release Alpha in early April (2 and a half months from now)

In terms of payment: Programmer is to be paid a total of 300k Robux by the time all the tasks are completed. A portion of the payment (number is to be discussed privately) is paid up front after the programmer is hired and signs the contract. The remaining is paid as the programmer progresses finishing the work provided in the Trello, the remaining amount is to be given once the programmer has completed the game.

In terms of organization, we use Trello to keep everything organized and make sure we’re all on the same page. Previous experience with Trello is appreciated.

  • In terms of connections with YouTubers - Kreekcraft and GRatedFamilyGaming are fans of the project and is in the development group. He’ll be checking out the game on launch and streaming/making videos about it. (He can be found in the “Influencers” rank in the group.)


RoStreams, a realistic streamers life type of game. When a player joins the game, they are brought into the main map where everything takes place (everything such as: purchasing houses/apartments, upgrading your setup, buying groceries, cars, furniture, etc).

You can contact us here on DevForums or via Twitter or Discord.

Twitter - https://twitter.com/OfyFTW
Discord - OfyFTW#1526

Thanks for reading!! :slight_smile:


This is a really great opportunity, and if you have time I really suggest you take this position.
It has been offered many times and many people who take it quit. If your not up to joining this team then please, do not apply for it. I am not a team member on RoStreams, but I am a retired one who, from experience knows these things. It wastes OfyFTW’s time and he cannot afford to be spending weeks with a programmer who will eventually quit.

I mean, come on. This is 300k robux plus 35% of the game profits. What else could you ask for?
The game has a stable income, good budget, motivated builders and animators, great community, and it’s really fun to work with the creator. For anyone out there who thinks it’s a bad idea and a waste of their time, think of this first.

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I feel like even with the 300k 35% isn’t a fair split

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That’s a good point. But if I may, let me remind you, the current success of this project proves that nonetheless, this game will be a hit.

We’re making 15k - 25k per month at this rate, off paid access alone. That’s only with dropping 500 Robux per weekend on sponsors - plus, the amount of support we have from Developer Relations and minor/major YouTubers and Twitch Streamers… and most importantly, the community behind this game. 35% may seem little right now, but it’ll go far in the long run.

What has happened to the 2+ previous programmers?

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They’ve chosen to resign. One of them couldn’t keep up with the work flow, and the other had to get a IRL job since he couldn’t afford schooling and wouldn’t have enough time to keep up with school + the IRL job + RoStreams development, etc.

I will do it, will contact you later.

Could you provide some sort of frame of reference for the tasks to be completed? A payment figure doesn’t work without a predicted workload to compare it against.


The main aspect of the streaming isn’t though… but a few things are for example.

  • Apartment claiming/teleporting
  • House purchasing (somewhat done, need to set it up so that the UI is clickable to purchase houses)
  • Custom NPC interaction
  • Car dealership interaction
  • All UI
  • Music playing in each store
  • Weather system
  • Day/night
  • Street lights on/off depending on the time of the day

There would be some remaining work in the main map to be completed, then we could begin the streaming aspect programming side. Although, the tasks for the main map aren’t too complicated, fairly moderate work.

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That’s less than 200$ per month, split between an entire team. That’s not a stable income.

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Hi Kyle,

We’re aware of that. I completely agree with you, 15k - 25k Robux per month is nothing right now. It’s just a simple example to show the current revenue of the game, prior to even launching Alpha or any stage of the game. Personally, I’d say if you have a game that’s not even in Alpha or even entirely playable, and you’re making 15k - 25k, that’s pretty good.

I think you also need to take into consideration that none of our Influencers have told their fans about the game… nor, is it Featured or anything yet. It’s just a barely playable game.

UPDATE: Still looking! Shoot me a DM on Discord, Twitter or the DevForums if you’re interested!

If only I was a scripter, are you hiring anymore builders?:grinning:

Unfortunately not. We don’t need a secondary builder as of right now, nor do I think we’ll need one. Sorry man.

Okay, thanks for your time and best of luck with your game!

Here are some pictures of the map, for those wondering:



An update to the payment plans have occurred. There is now 2 different payment plans the programmer can go with.

A: 100K Robux + 50%
B: 300K Robux + 35%

Both options are entirely open to the programmer. Please let us know which payment plan you’d like when applying.

Thank you! If you have any further inquiries or questions, feel free to ask!

Please don’t forget to state the person who was previously the build and built most of the buildings and the computers / peripherals the game currently has.

Could the pay be USD instead possibly? I have enough robux for now, looking for USD jobs. No worries if not.

Hey there, shoot us a DM and perhaps we can discuss a potential USD payment.