[CLOSED] [35K R$] Koala Cafe looking for builder

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Our game Koala Cafe is a unique role-play experience which has amassed 10.8 million visits and 319,000 group members. Our fast growing educational community is self organized, and teaches our target audience of ages (7-12) social skills in a simulated work environment with easy to follow steps to progress through the roles of the company hierarchy.

@LoganWallace25 - Founder / Creative Director / Builder
@ZackLaFlame - UI Designer / 3D Modeler
@lnstanceChanged - Programmer
@Thernus - Programmer
@Klinecars - GFX Artist / QA

Welcome to the team! @starrycats - Builder/3D Modeler :confetti_ball:


Koala Cafe is seeking an Experienced Builder / 3D Modeler to join our team as a Contractor working directly with our team to improve and reiterate upon V2 by elevating the design to a whole new level.


  • Passionate about desiging assets to the best of your ability

  • Motivated to create engaging content players will remember experiencing for years to come

  • Dependable by working at a healthy pace to make deadlines

  • Great Communicator fluent in English and able to work effectively alongside a team

  • Experienced Developer designing with Performance/UX in mind


  • Fix inconsistencies with sizing, orientation, models

  • Design new models/assets

  • Collaborate with the team on ideas/specs

  • Implement assets ensuring a immersive environment

  • Track your own progress inside of hacknplan

V1 (Live Game)

V2 (Under Progress)

Payment is 35,000R$ or 120$ USD

Payment will be distributed to the contractor once the mutually agreeable tasks are completed.

There’s a ton to love about working for Koala Cafe including…

  • Free Developer Products in production servers

  • Custom discord color in our server with 8K members

  • Developer only in-game billboard gui name tag

  • Custom in-game chat color

Ready to apply?

Please complete this form and attach your resume or cover letter


So we’re just fixing old cafes or making a new one?


As I mentioned, the task is just to improve and reiterate upon V2 design. :grinning::hammer_and_wrench:


Hey! I can try to help you out.


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