(CLOSED) 3D Modeler for hire!

About Me

Hi there! I am offering my services as a Low - Mid Poly 3D Modeler. I have been creating 3D models in Blender for a little over 2 years. It is, and always has been since the very beginning, something that I am very passionate about.

These are some of the things I have made. I make a little bit of everything.
Things I won’t make:

  • Characters
  • Animals
  • Vehicles
  • Food

Click the arrows to see examples of my work

Prop Sets




Crimson Death


Dark Venom Axe




The Ides of March

Screenshot 2022-03-02 111125

Sacrificial Slycer


Lightning Rambo








Blender C__Users_cowhi_Documents_OffRoadingTruck.blend 2_14_2022 7_56_42 PM



gold coin


space helmet

I am available 9am-11:30am EST Monday- Thursday. Commissions are closed on weekends.
Try to have your requests sent to me by 11:30 am EST. After those hours I will be offline to work on orders to avoid any distractions. If you put your order in on a Thursday there is a chance you won’t receive your order until the following Monday due to the fact that I am not online on weekends at all. That is my free time.

I only accept payment in Robux through t-shirts (I don’t charge additionally for Roblox taxes). I don’t accept group funds due to wait time. I also don’t accept percentages.


Prop Sets (5-10 items of a specific theme, low poly only)

  • 5 item set - 2,000 robux

  • 10 item set - 5,000 Robux

Individual Models

  • Small Model - 400 Robux
  • Medium Model - 650 Robux
  • Large Model - 1500 robux


2,000 robux per armor set. As I don’t enjoy making armor sets there is always a possibility that I might decline if you ask me to make one. It all depends on what exactly you are asking me to make.

Maximum order size is 15 assets per package due to the fact that I receive many orders a week and orders any larger than that would take quite a long time and I want to be fair to everyone who wants to order from me.

Pricing doesn’t necessarily refer to actual size, it also means amount of detail, for example : a low poly gun would be charged as medium and a mid poly gun would be charged as a large model.

If at any time I raise my prices returning customers will still be charged with whatever pricing they had when they first purchased from me.


You can contact me through Discord. My username is Sinaca#6803
If for any reason you can’t contact me through Discord feel free to message me here.


I can vouch for this. He is truly amazing at what he does. Would recommend 100%!


Ordered for a couple tree models. Sinaca worked quickly, effectively and professionally. Not only was he nice and friendly, but he also worked around my very tight small budget. Very happy with the models :+1:


Hey! I sent you a request on Discord!

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sorry i hadn’t noticed until now, i accepted :slight_smile:

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sent a request my tag is FAZ0S#8191

sorry for the late reply, i accepted it :slight_smile:

Ordered a few models, he worked very fast in a very professional way. He is very nice and friendly, and his prices are definitely great . Would 100% recommend.


I ordered 5 models and he finished them in a timely manner. He was very professional throughout the process and communicated very well. I’m very satisfied. I would definitely recommend him and am planning on ordering from him again!


Hey I’m Rbx_Magicly, He has created over 30 items for my game all of which he did in a small period of time to a high quality. He is a lovely person to speak with and his communication with the buyer is outstanding. I hired him for the first time in October to help create some Halloween items. The players loved his work.

Since then he helped create more items and even some for a discontinued game we created together. I 100% recommend him if you are looking for quality builds , fast and good communication.

Thanks Sinaca!

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Ordered 3 models from this user, he is fast and very reliable. He is social, and his prices are pretty good.

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I’m interested in hiring you, I don’t think your discord name is still Sinaca#2505 though, https://gyazo.com/c58d9ea406931c195ebc9cc54c9355f1.

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I changed it last night and completely forgot to update it here. My apologies. My Discord Username is MrSinaca#2505

Just finished the commission with @MrSinaca, I’ve hired countless modelers and I am by far the most satisfied with @MrSinaca commission. Highly recommend, very professional and I will definitely be ordering from him exclusively if possible.

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