[Closed] 3D modeler that makes armors/customs | Up to 400k R$ per month

looking for a 3D modeler for a RPG game (not role-play, but the type where you fight monster and level up)., you must have a portfolio of some sort to apply. The game is heavily influenced by anime.

What I’m looking for:

  • Good work ethic
  • Availability to work on weekdays and weekends
  • Some knowledge on japanese cartoons is a plus

About the Job:

  • You will be asked to create a customs/armors based on reference pictures
  • I would request 2-4 customs/armors per week, at the beginning of each week, and would need them to be finished by the end of Friday or some time early Saturday
  • The meshes must match/be compatible with Roblox’s default R15 body (Right Hand, Right Lower Arm, Right Upper Arm, etc.)
  • The meshes must be color-able in Roblox Studio, in other words, you do not have to texture it. Meshes on each part of the body must be separated by color/detail

Examples of work: (they are made by @Thecaster230, he is modeling for multiple people right now so I want to put some weight off of him)


  • 10-30k R$ per set, depending on the difficulty, and of course, we can negotiate on the price. And as I mentioned above, I will be requesting 2-4 sets per week, so that would be up to 100k per week

My preferred way of paying is through Robux/group funds, but occasionally I can offer USD by PayPal accordingly with the DevEx rate. Payment will be sent after a preview of the product.

Discord: ivorfy#0001
or you can just reply with your discord and I’ll add you, or you can just contact me here


Hello! :wave:

My name is Kairo, and I am a 3D Modeler that is interested in this job.

I’ve got some questions regarding the game and other stuff, those would be asked in dm’s if you think I am a good candidate for this. Here’s my portfolio:

The armor on my portfolio is around 1-2 years old, my skills certainly increased since then, so you can definitely expect better quality! Hope to hear from you.


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Hi, Im intrensted in the job, Im good with armors and such, I also watched anime cartoons such as SAO and some of full metal alchmist.
heres a link to my portfolio: FirstValor | 3D Modeler (UPDATED) - #12 by Schnitzel_RBLX

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Hey guys, please refer back to the title. Thank you for the replies, but right now it’s closed since someone has already taken the job.

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