[Closed] 3D Modeller for Hire

Modeller For Hire

About Me:

Hello, my name is Pix_Onix and i am a Low Poly modeller. I started working with 3D Models 4 Years Ago and Started using Blender very active 1,5 Years Ago.

About The Jobs I can do for you:

I am looking for Low Poly building Jobs of any size. I welcome short Jobs of any kind. But if everything is right i can also think about long therm collaboration.

In every job i Do i am able to Model clean meshes with a very low tri count if it is needed without losing the major Details.
Also i can create custom normal Maps for the meshes to get high Detail assets with a very low tri count.

Here are some Pictures of what I am doing:

Payment methods i accept:

As a payment I accept:

  • Robux

Contact Me:

You can contact me by adding me on the Chat platform Discord or via the developer Forum:
Developer Forum Name: Ratatafaro
Discord User ID: Pix_Onix#5798