[CLOSED] 3D Modellers and Texture Artists Wanted

About Us

Hi there! I’m FamedChris and I am looking for a 3D artist and texture artist to work on a new upcoming game.

The Team
@FamedChris - Lead Developer, Environmental Artist and Creative Director
@Perhapz - Lead Developer, Programmer

About The Job

I am looking for an experienced 3D Artist and Texture Artist to work on making eggs and pets for an upcoming game. We already have some pets and eggs made, but I’m looking for more to the collection. The job would entail creating 5 new egg meshes and textures (must be detailed) and re texturing current pets to fit the new style (Pets are already 3D modeled and have some textures. I would require about 5 pet retextures for each new egg)

Needed Traits
The timeline for this project is extremely short, so communication and timeliness are extremely important when considering this job. You must be willing to make edits as needed to the pets/eggs.


This is the quality of eggs I am looking for (no particles needed).
A few examples of pets in my game.


I am willing to pay about 20$ per egg and about 5$ per re texture. Payment is negotiable within reason. I prefer to send payments in robux, but can do paypal if needed. Paypal rates will be the same as devex rates (1k=3.5 USD)

Overall add up is about 100$ for all eggs and 125$ for all of the pets for a total of 225$ or 64k robux.

Contact Me

You can contact me by reaching out to me here or in Twitter DMs (@FamedChris). PLEASE SEND A PORTFOLIO OF YOUR WORK UPON INTEREST

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


I didn’t understand if you are you looking for somebody who can texture and model or you are looking for 2 people, a modeler and an artist?

@FamedChris is basically searching for someone that could do both, texture and 3D model as far as I know and what I understood from reading.

Sorry if I have bad English just saying

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I sent a dm through twitter of my work, I hope you can find me helping you on this game!

I’ve edited the thread and included some screenshots of examples of the level of quality I’m looking for and some pets that we have in the game already. I also want to clarify that I’m looking for someone who can texture AND model.

Do these pets have a provided UV Map for them already?

Not sure, but if they don’t I am willing to pay some extra for a UV map too.

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