[CLOSED] [$400 USD] Spider map builders wanted [CLOSED]

About Us

Thank you for your interest, we are the developers working on the new hit game, Spider, and we are looking for talented builders / asset designers.

Our Team
@RoyStanford - Creator
@charcle - Assistant Director

You can see the game here:

About The Job

We are looking for professional builders to create fun and balanced maps for Spider. You will be working alongside myself and Roy so cooperation and communication skills are key. The map will need to be completed within a little over 1 week.

Game Style


We are paying $400 USD per map, however this price is negotiable and may increase as development continues.

Contact Us

If you’re interested, you can contact us here on the Developer Forum: @charcle
Or through my discord: Fletch#6500

You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading!


Added you on discord!


Interested,add you on discord!
c o u g h#6662

Wait for real? 400 USD?
Wow, this might be my lucky day. :slight_smile:
Not to be off topic.

I’m interested, are there any completion dates for the map ? just wondering.

Sent a request GodIsntRealButShrekis#4547

hello I’m interested send request for discord I

Hello, I’m interested in the job. Heres my work: [OPEN] DisturbedSinox | Builder and UI Designer

My discord is Sinox#5016

Side note, I have worked on front page games before, as well as with front page game creators and I have the experience necessary to complete a task like this for your large scaled game.

Added you on discord.

Wow) Great job! I very want to work with u)

Hey, I’ve been playing the game and I’m very interested in working with you guys. Sent you a friend request on Discord, looking forward to seeing you! :smiley: . KEDO#2667

Are you looking for any Graphic Design artists?

I am extremely interested to be a builder for your game.
You can contact me on discord here: arealrobloxian_21#4223
You can see my past work here: [COMMS OPEN] arealrobloxian_21's Portfolio [LOW-POLY BUILDER]

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