[CLOSED] [$4000 USD/month] Builders - Help finish a huge open world map


Hi all. RedManta LLC is looking for a few temporary builders to help finish a huge open world map in a new game.

Good communication skills are necessary. We use a Discord server to communicate daily, we use Trello to organize, and we use Team Create to develop.

The job involves building props and buildings. Generally non-interactive map assets. We’ll tell you what we need and provide concept art to get you started. You will be expected to work 30-40 hours per week. You can work remotely from home or you can come into the office if you live nearby.

This is a temporary position. It is expected to last 6 weeks. At the end of the term we may offer to put you on a project permanently, but don’t expect it.

You will be paid at a rate of $4000/month. We offer ACH (direct deposit) for Americans, and wire transfer for everyone else. We pay out half on the 15th and half on the last day of each month. We do not offer robux and we do not offer Paypal.

We’re RedManta, a Roblox game studio based in San Mateo, California owned by @Sharksie and @AbstractAlex. We have 6 full time employees and over 15 contractors. As a member of RedManta you will have access to our content network, guidance, funding, and personal expertise.

You must be 13 or older, and if you are accepted, you must supply us with either a W9 (Americans) or W8-BEN (non-Americans) form. This is the same form you send to roblox to devex. You’ll also be required to sign a standard contract that clarifies your relationship to RedManta.

If you’re interested, DM me, @Sharksie, on the devforums. Or contact me on discord if you already have me. Include examples of previous work. We’ll make our final decisions by Friday, August 24.

And remember, If you want the job but you aren’t sure you’re good enough - apply anyway!


I’d like to request more information for this bit. Are we required to use Studio’s building, or are meshes applicable. Are the props higher-poly, or lower-poly? Finally, what’s the style of the game?

Some of us work better in different scenarios, and are useless in others. This might help accelerate looking through applications.


Meshes are fine. Generally we want a low poly kind of cartoony, colorful style. Here are a couple example pics.


I like those cartoony houses, seems it will be a good game :thinking:


Oof Runescape 2.0 :stuck_out_tongue: looks interesting, but I don’t work to well in groups

Hi Sharksie, I have a few questions before I send out a full application to your company, RedManta.

The first question I have is, what kind of hours do you expect us to be working at? I am starting up school shortly and will have a limited amount of time per day to work.

The second question I have is, is this an employment to the company or just contract work specifically for the map.


Hyped for the game but jesus, 4K a month?

We don’t really care when you work as much as we care how much you get done. We’ll give you tasks that we expect to take 30-40 hours per week.

You would be a contractor. We only offer employment for people who work in the office full time.

It’s a pretty standard salary for a tech job like this. FYI Roblox accelerators make the same amount.

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If you’re still hiring, I’d like to see what style of building you’re looking for and wanting to replicate for your open world game.
Best wishes,

We’re making selections next friday. I posted some examples in the thread.


We’ve contacted the people who got the job. Thanks for applying, everyone!


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