[CLOSED] [$4000 USD/month] Scripters - Help develop Robloxian Highschool


Hi all. RedManta LLC is looking for a few lua programmers to help out with Robloxian Highschool, a social roleplay game.

Good communication skills are necessary. We use a Discord server to communicate daily, we use Trello to organize, and we use Team Create to develop.

The job involves general programming. Items, interactions, systems, interfaces, etc. The game has lots of variety and we’ll give you plenty of instruction on each of your tasks so that you can do your best work. You will be expected to work 30-40 hours per week. You can work remotely from home or you can come into the office if you live nearby.

You will be paid at a rate of $4000/month. We offer ACH (direct deposit) for Americans, and wire transfer for everyone else. We pay out half on the 15th and half on the last day of each month. We do not offer robux and we do not offer Paypal.

We’re RedManta, a Roblox game studio based in San Mateo, California owned by @Sharksie and @AbstractAlex. We have 7 full time employees and over 15 contractors. As a member of RedManta you will have access to our content network, guidance, funding, and personal expertise.

You must be 13 or older, and if you are accepted, you must supply us with either a W9 (Americans) or W8-BEN (non-Americans) form. This is the same form you send to roblox to devex. You’ll also be required to sign a standard contract that clarifies your relationship to RedManta.

If you’re interested, DM me, @Sharksie, on the devforums. Or contact me on discord if you already have me. Include examples of previous work. We’ll make our final decisions by Friday, August 31.

And remember, If you want the job but you aren’t sure you’re good enough - apply anyway!


Woah, 4K per month is alot for roblox job.


Well, much like software development jobs at Sony or Microsoft, this is a full time job, so it has a pretty good payout.

it was irrelevant to compare a Roblox scripter job to a software developer at a huge entreprise for the following reason : “these are full time job.”
he is surprised because it’s a pay for a “Roblox developer”, 4k per month for this work is indeed a pretty gift. and yes, there is no surprise to optain 4k/month as a software developer.


Kinda interested, but I’m worried this might interfere with my school work.

this would be interesting. but since i live in the netherlands and you in america we have allot of time in between our countries, if its not a problem. i maybe would apply

I’m very interested but a full time job would be a huge commitment. Gotta think about applying.

Not really. Sending an application isn’t the same thing as promising that you’ll definitely do the job if we pick you. Sending an application is just a way to get us to start negotiating with you. If we can’t reach an agreement due to time constraints then that’s no big deal, but I wouldn’t pass it by just because you think it wouldn’t work for us.

In essence, don’t try to anticipate what we’ll say. Just put yourself out there and see what happens. The worst thing we can do is say no, and you definitely won’t get the job if you don’t apply.


I would apply, but I know there’s many scripters more talented than me that would deserve the job, as well as I am currently in my tenth year of school so I’m unable to do full time.


For application should I link previous games that I have scripted or something else(aka models).?

(Just read you guys are accepting the 31st, I always check this part of the forums at the wrong time.)

There’s going to be a lot of competition for these positions.

Why 13? Is that a legal thing or just a maturity thing? I’m not sure because 13 still seems pretty immature to me, and the age of majority is 18.

13 is our lower limit for legal reasons.


When will we know if we were chosen?

If you and your team are struggling to make a decision, an interesting solution would be to have some of the final candidates have a competition judged by speed, quality, ability to create your vision, etc…


A good idea but I’m fairly certain they’ll be able to choose their candidate with a more conventional method.

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I agree, but it is now 2 days later than their official date. Figured maybe they had a lot of possible candidates, and needed more than just a small portfolio of each of our work to determine who would be best for their needs.

It’s also labor day weekend, so that’s something to keep in mind.


I suppose. I asked as to where the results would be released but received no response. I figure it’s best to leave it be until they release their decision or a considerable amount of time has passed.


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