[CLOSED] [50K-100K] Hiring Video Creator | Tower Defenders

Hello fellow developers, I’m the owner and lead developer of Dreamers and creator of Tower Defenders, a successful upcoming Tower Defense game with already 6m+ visits. :grin:

The Job

The game is about to launch into its alpha stage. Along with a huge update with innumerable changes & improvements!

TD is looking for a talented video creator to make the game an alpha release gameplay trailer. You will need to gather footage from the game’s private testing place (as a tester), compile that footage, and create an epic short trailer of grand proportions!

Here is a link to the game so you may familiarize yourself with it. Tower Defenders

Elaborate details will be discussed more in dms.
Here is some gameplay footage I captured in a game in the PTP


Gameplay-Footage1 – Easy mode boss

Here are some references of what I am looking for


- YouTube

Hiree Prerequisites & Preferences


  • Has the Discord app on a device

  • Is 14 or older

  • Able to communicate in English

  • Can show previous work / portfolio

  • Able to get the project done on time or earlier

There are more details to discuss in dms. :grin:

Payment & Scheduling

  • 50k-100k varying on quality and efficiency

  • Robux / USD $

  • Group Payout / Paypal

  • Negotiable

  • 6/3/2020 deadline

I would be happy to discuss scheduling, business, and any further information or questions you have about the job on any of the handles below.


  • My Discord Tag: Joey#5758

  • My Roblox :link: Profile

  • Dreamers Discord :link: qcVSAjN

  • Dreamers :link: Group

Thank you for reading, happy developing! :wave:


Hello, I am interested in apply. Read the message I sent you on DevForum if you haven’t already. :smiley:

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Hi! Do you need any testers, cause I would love to apply.

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Hello there, I have been editing with After effects for a while now, I’d love to apply!

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