[CLOSED] [50K-175$ PER] Hiring Mesh Modeler | Tower Defenders

Hello fellow developers, I’m the owner and lead developer of Dreamers and creator of Tower Defenders, a successful upcoming Tower Defense game with already 5.5m+ visits. :grin:

The Job

The game is about to undergo an absolutely massive overhaul of systems, UI, etc. And now TD is looking for skilled mesh modelers to work on fantastical content for upcoming releases.

TD is looking for very impressive meshes. Texturing is not required but of course is welcome. Meshes that have the lowest poly/tris they can without losing their high quality, fantasy RPG aesthetic.

Here is a link to the game so you may familiarize yourself with it. This is required. Tower Defenders

Elaborate details are in the Trello, which I will link in DMs.

Quick look (portents subject to change)

Here are some reference pictures of existing meshes in-game or storaged

Sneak-peeks at in-game characters

Hiree Prerequisites & Preferences


  • Good work ethic, does not procrastinate, does their research, doesn’t use free models, etc

  • Respectful, to those around you and people’s opinions and their rights to them

  • Chill, this is Roblox and we’re all having fun, keep it cool :sunglasses:

  • Experienced, has experience working with and for other developers, understands the trade of business and most importantly mesh modelling


  • Has the Discord app on a device

  • Is 14 or older

  • Can show past work

  • Able to communicate in English

  • Knowledgeable and experienced in balancing performance & aesthetics in meshes

  • Can make meshes equal to or greater than the quality of the current meshes in-game.

  • Able to work with the Dreamers community, and its staff

There are more details to discuss in dms. :grin:

Payment & Scheduling

  • 1k-50k / 3$-175$ per mesh set, widely ranged and priced depending on what is being created.

  • Robux / USD $

  • Group Payout / Paypal

  • Negotiable

  • Flexible deadline and widely ranged depending on the set

I would be happy to discuss scheduling, business, and any further information or questions you have about the job on any of the handles below.


  • My Discord Tag: Joey#5758

  • My Roblox :link: Profile

  • Dreamers Discord :link: qcVSAjN

  • Dreamers :link: Group

Thank you for reading, happy developing! :wave:


Im very interested, but can you give examples on what the assets could be per set?


I intend to be working with the modeler closely and able to answer any and all questions. As well as provide feedback and direction of each model.
And as such most of the details will be discussed in DMs or in the Trello.

The Trello includes a very general list of work to be done.

But also towers and mobs are sought to be made. I.e. a ballista, cannon, rock elemental, etc. Even basic natural things like rocks, trees, mounds, mountains, doors, torches, you name it, it will probably be sought after.


I sent you my application on discord :slight_smile: @lysandr


Contact me!

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Hello, I am interested. I sent a Friend request on Discord.


I’m interested, very interested.

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I sent you my portfolio on discord.

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I’ve been working quite frequently with meshes, I am truly interested. Discord tag “Vincent G#3543”

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