[CLOSED] [50k-200k] Hiring A Scripter

Please Consider…

Before you read the following post please keep in mind payment will be done once everything is finished and percentage will only be given unless if willing to continue working on the game. Please only contact me if you are a experienced scripter.


I’m looking for a scripter who is willing to make a prison themed muscle simulator with me.
I already have the main map built by myself. You can either finish all the scripts I request, get paid, then leave the project or you can get paid and continue working on the game and get some percentage out of it. Deadline is October 1st because I will be extremely busy after that. If you’re considering to stay in the project some other information is I will be paying for the advertisements and any other assist outside of the game (Icon, Thumbnail, Etc.).

The Job

Things you should know before accepting the job is animating the weight, Ui’s, anti-exploit, and other general scripters knowledge (more information will be given if you contact me).

Nice to have…

  • Good Communication
  • Fast responses


One time payment: 50,000 R$ - 200,000 R$ (Depending On Quality)

Payment Plus Percentage: 50,000 R$ - 150,000 R$ and 15-30% (Negotiable)

If I notice that you aren’t doing much work I can remove you from the project.


Please only contact me via Discord @MaxLevv#8101

Thanks for reading :slightly_smiling_face:

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