[CLOSED] [5K - 6K R$] Looking for a UI Designer

About Us

Hello there! We are [GS] Red Scorpion and are currently looking for a UI designer to make GUI icons for our upcoming Simulator!

About The Job

We are looking for a professional GUI Designer that will make every GUI for the full simulator.

  • All the GUI must be done within 2 days. (It’s not that much GUI)
  • We are looking for something of this style: image

(Please post your portfolio so we can review your past/current UI designs.)


We are paying you 5,000R$ - 6,000R$ in group funds. You will not be given a percentage of the game revenue, we are only paying you for one time only.

Contact Me

  • joelbloxx#3290

I have added you I am: Tege#6314

I think I can help! :)) my Portfolio has some UI Designing, tell me if you like them and we can get the job done m8.


Sent you a request on Discord: Orginatix#3082

I’m interested

I’ve sent a friend request, please DM me for portfolio. Aleayx#0001

You can view my portfolio here: [OPEN] [USD Paypal] Jupiterc's UI & 2D Art (SATISFIED OR YOU DON'T PAY)

If you’re interested in my style contact me at Foul#7834.

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I sent a friend request on discord.

If you are still looking Vansmena // Scripter