[OPEN] OozyMage's Portfolio

About Me

Hello there! I’m OozyMage, but ofc… You can call me Oozy.
I have been a scripter, builder, ui designer etc for years!.
Look down below to see some of my work!

I have been on ROBLOX since 2008.

Note: You must pay first, Don’t really feeling like getting scammed!


You can view my assets here:


UI Designs


Game Icons


Gamepass Icons


Note: The Animations took very long in blender. KINDA


I am available every day, sometimes I may take breaks. Sometimes I can’t work due to School, etc. But I’m really a ROBLOX gamer and I always make sure to get the job done.
I will really spend hours on a Lego game :))



100,000-500,000 Robux

UI Designs

1,000-5,000 Robux


500 Robux

Game Icons

10,000-20,000 Robux

Gamepass Icons





You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or Discord, Oozy#6774!
(Also if you’re not in the dev forum you cant get accepted, comment your discord below and I’ll add/accept you.)

Thanks for your time on my Portfolio. :smiley:!


Wow, 1 Million… You must be very good then.

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I would like to buy this world please

this took a really long time, I don’t wanna give it away in my opinion it should cost atleast 20k+

Yes I know that is why I said buy, so 20,000 can I see more pictures of the map?

one question, how much are you willing to pay?

How you gonna pay?

group? shirt:? whatever

Well, if you set up a donation board and configure it for 10K I can pay although there is the minus 30%

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can you prove you have 10,000 robux? image?

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I am interested. Potatodev#1535

so do i make a donation game? or make a gamepass

Accepted your friend request :smiley:

A donation but I am paranoid that u will scam me

If you’re paranoid that much you can always find someone else, I also understand because making all this was in blender and took a month, You would prob wonder if its done. maybe you can find someone else who can build realistic thats fast


well how do i know u wont run off with the robux without giving me the studio file

Let me find the file, whats ur discord?

my Discord is Queegly#6513 sdfdfdfdf

Hello there, I am interested in your services. Add me on Discord at Brute#8200.

Added, but I need a couple breaks im doing stuff for a friend and like 2 others (people above are the 2 others)