[Closed] [$600 / bi-weekly starting] BloopVille is hiring a gameplay programmer!

Find out about other jobs on our site, we’re constantly looking for interesting faces to join us on our exciting adventure: https://www.bloopville.com/careers

BV Studios is hiring Gameplay Programmers part/full-time for BloopVille with flexible work hours and professional environment. You must be 16+ to apply!


BLOOPVILLE™ Official Trailer (2020) HD ROBLOX - YouTube

Founded in 2015, with development picking up a little over a year ago, the identity of BloopVille has evolved over time, keeping it’s core vision throughout. A social roleplay and exploration game packed with activities for players to make their own memorable experiences, in their very own universe!

BV Studios is blessed as an up and coming startup studio with the talent to match, amazing programmers, modellers, environmental artists, composers - even lighting engineers.

Everyone on the team gets a say on the direction of the game, with periodic game design sessions where everyones views hold weight. We care about the studio and we care about our team.

As a member of the BloopVille Programmers team you’d be working with a tight nit group of talented developers, each with their own specialism and all very friendly. The Programming Team:

@BlocksRocks1234 - Physics Engineer, @JedDevs - Lead Programmer, @Blocky_Max - Gameplay Programmer, @The_Pr0fessor - UI and General Programmer.

We all work closely together, using the same tools each day. BloopVille is built upon the Knit Framework, using Github, Trello, Rojo and VSCode to write and manage our tasks, code and project as a whole.

– Founders: @AzureLegacy Azure#7818 @skyfloans Sky#1000
– Lead Programmer: @JedDevs Jebob#2276



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