[CLOSED] (65,000-75,000R$) Hiring Map Builder (Note: Star Wars Genre)

About Us

We are a small upcoming 16k TGCA: Star Bloxᅠ - Roblox
We are currently looking for developers to help with our project.

About the job

I’m currently looking for a Map builder to make a Courasant Overworld Border Map
The City itself is self-explanatory if you’re experienced in this genre but for more
info DM me

Map Contents:

Republic Base (Spawn Room Training Area Rally Room Prison Senate Offices Chancellors Office Shooting Range)
Courasant Overworld: Bank, A wide variety of buildings, and levels to the map, Hostile Spawn, Border[Not Scripted]
As much of the map as possible must be Mesh to reduce lag.

Pricing can be negotiated


Experience in the genre
Picture of your past work/Portfolio
Must be able to communicate
Able to give consistent progress updates
Able to meet deadlines without issue.

Contact Us

You can contact me on Discord at 𝓘𝓼𝓪𝓫𝓮𝓵𝓵𝓪#0001


So like do you need a terrain builder or a in general builder/modeler??

Because I am a terrain builder here is my portfolio you don’t have to hire me but some feedback on my builds would be nice

Hey, was wondering if you’d be looking for 1 builder or multiple as courasant is a large map for a singular developer alone.

Hi @LuciferVonhart Sorry for the late response but the owner of the game said “We are looking for multiple builders to help us make the map.”

@prTESTAQ Sorry for the late response but we are just looking for a general builder.

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I am interested. My discord is Archalium#5759

Hey are u also looking for a advance scripter, cuz i am one we can talk on discord HarryMcFlury#8910

I am interested as a builder, I make futuristic game, and I make good Army Games, cause it’s my favorite to build, discord. primes#8866

You can look at my portfolio, my past builds, if you need a builder which is good at Army building game, well you’re lucky cause I am. I don’t build terrain, but I can build the whole base, contact me on discord if you want, I can show you my best builds too.


your discord isn’t working, add me my dizzy is punkde#8982

Hi, are you looking for an experienced 3d modeller to help build your game please message me on discord i would like to work with/for you i have over 2 years of experience working 13 hours a day so il say am on par with someone who has 3 years of experience. Message me on discord please if you would like to work with me thank u Discord: TheBlackGOD#9843
Past work Semi professional 3d modeller for hire(Cheap) Commissions open!

Sorry if I’m late here, but are you guys looking for a UI Designer?

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