[CLOSED 65K+ 35% OR 40K + 40%] Recruiting Programmers for QuestMaster!


PGLogo Pixelized Games / A studio imagining what others can’t

Group Link

PG Group Link: https://www.roblox.com/groups/3378204/Pixelized-Games#!/about

:wave: The team at PG (Pixelized Games) is hiring an entry-level programmer to suffice our game’s core code.
Please note: This position is only for Programmers and or/ scripters. We currently are not hiring any other positions.

We’re hiring one entry-level employee to work full-time, or if terms apply part-time for QuestMaster.
A few aspects of the game before you click off: Everything in the game is completed- we just need you to help us!

We, at PG are improving the classic genre of roblox games, including obby’s and tycoons and making something new. QuestMaster is a non-realistic simulation of choosing your own path in a situation, and discovering the secrets that lie in between those paths. Currently, every story for the game has been written for levels 1-3, and all of the building has been completed in advance.

Let me just state, this is a very easy, fun, and exciting opportunity. We’re offering one person 65k + 35% of the game profits of QuestMaster. 10-25K upfront payment may be permitted once you have completed these requirements:

  • Have shown clear proof of skill and ability to be able to script the core code of QuestMaster.
  • Have completed the standard, 3 day intern process for new applicants.
  • Ability to work at least 6 hours a week, with a standard 1hr/day & days break.
  • Own a discord account and able to come online regularly to report updates.
  • Displayed a portfolio or showcase of past works via Discord.
  • Displayed sources of past employers. We will not hire anyone new to the platform!
  • Have shown clear, organized and professional collaboration skills.

The Intern process is a 3-day process that tests your collaboration, teamwork, scripting, and other skills before we hire you fully. You will not get access to anything in the group until your internship has been approved.

Upfront payment may be provided upon request once you have programmed for a minimum of 5 days.
This is to prevent running off, stealing, or scamming our group. Please, if your only interested because you want to take the upfront payment and work very little after that then we won’t even consider you.

More information regarding the position

QuestMaster is simulating a virtual story with many possible choices.

For example, the first story is labeled “The Mall”. You start out as a security guard in the mall- and the different answers and the ways you play is dependent upon the outcome of the story. Very similar to a “story-mode” in some games, except there’s multiple endings and many secrets along the way.

Everything is completed- but not yet polished. Characters, SFX, Songs, Level 1-3 maps, UI, and all of the art is finished and primarily finalized.

What does the work look like? The work is very, very simple and straightforward. We tell you exactly what to do, you show us it afterward and we judge it. About 5% of the current level 1 map has been programmed by a resigned programmer, due to them not having enough time to complete it.

Deadlines? We expect you to get Alpha (level 1) out by March 28th at the latest. As the UI, sound effects, and everything else has been finished for level 1 this should be no sweat. For organization we use a discord chat to organize what to do, and when we should do it, and when we should have it done by.
When alpha releases, we plan to have:

  • Hint purchases. Hints are used to help a player complete a story or pathway. They can purchase a one for a small amount, or a package for a large amount. They can also earn them via achievements.
  • Skip purchases. Skips are used in giving the player a free-pass to the next task, or even the whole level. There’s about 10-15 tasks in each pathway (10 pathways).
  • Gamepass purchases (VIP, Unlimited Hints, 2x Speed, Unlock all Levels [not required to purchase via keys, unlock all automatically], 2x Coins, Gravity Boots, and finally Taskmaster. These gamepasses and much more will be explained later on.
  • Coin purchases & key purchases. Coins are used to buy new pets, trails, hints, and cosmetic gears. Keys are used to unlock new levels.
  • Level 1 fully completed with all pathways finished, and the lobby scripted to support level 1 with a shop to buy cosmetics, then finally rewards & the shop to buy devproducts.
  • Badges [the secret badges in level 1, the time spent in game badges, milestone badges etc.]


You will be scripting these main concepts:

  • NPC click to chat
  • Several character chat combinations and different responses randomly for each one
  • 10 different unique pathways in Level 1
  • Camera Placement Scripting [Important part of the job]
  • Hint Purchasing, Key & Coin Purchasing, Gamepass Purchasing, and all the others.
  • Shop [in lobby] and pets/trails/cosmetics transferred via datastore to the level.
  • Data DOES save, so make sure you have a good background on datastores before you apply.
  • Lots more scripting to explain- but why put it all in this one big jumbled post.

An example of a task we may provide

Example of a task provided to you

*Yeah, I know it’s really idiotic of them right? I would help you myself to get out of the office but it’s my lunch break and I really don’t care.

(click to continue)

Anyways, I’ve got something for you to do when you get out of here. Someone’s been smart since we opened this mall and have been stealing our art collection piece by piece. I need you to find out who it is. Up to the task?

(if the player says yes, this happens)

Great! Head to the art shop and talk to the people there to see what they know. Come back to me when you’ve found the culprit for these robberies. Oh, and try using the ladder to get out of a ceiling tile. That might help.(edited)

(if the player says no, this happens)

Well, okay. I guess I’ll do it myself. I have one more task for you though. There’s been some ruckus going on near the shoe store and the phones store, and we think that the shoes store is trying to drive the phones store out of business. We need you to confirm this for us. Are you able to help?

(if the player says yes, this happens)

That’s great! Before you go, you should know the shoes store is going under renovations. Why? How should I know? I don’t run the shops here. Talk to the people around the mall if they know anything. Come back to me when you’ve got evidence.(edited)

(if the player says no, this happens)

I have nothing else for you to do right now, then. Talk to the other guys to see if they need something, or explore the office / mall if your bored.

the player should NOT be able to pick up any tools or do anything except talk to the other guards while the player is looking around after tyler says Take a look around or talk to one of the guys. The other security guards introduce themselves, but nothing else happens.

– -- – -- – -- – --
Sample images regarding the art, ui, and the builds will be posted upon request.

Alpha will be released for paid access of R$25 for level 1[March 28th], and then once the first 3 levels are completed in full it will be released for free BETA. After Beta is completed, you may or may not stay for more levels. Completely your choice.

The Team
@OfficiallyPixel - Project Lead, Story Writer, Lead Builder
@PieRicky - Graphic Art [Gamepasses, badges, devproducts]
@TheBordIdentity - Music Composer, Sound Effects
Various Users - Testers

[We use discord as our main means of communication. Contact OfficiallyPixel#4553 on discord to apply for this position. Attach a portfolio or showcase of works & past employers]

You may setup your individual means of payment by messaging us with your suggestion, or you can use our suggested payment methods (negotiable).

  • 65K R$ + 35% of the total game revenue
  • 40k R$ + 40% of the total game revenue
  • 15k R$ upfront + 50k R$ upon completion of Alpha & 35% of the game profits
  • 10k R$ upfront + 30k R$ upon completion of Alpha & 40% of the game profits

We’re very sorry for the extraordinarily long post- but we just can’t get our description out in one message. :+1:

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I think not hiring anyone who hasn’t been hired before is a bit odd. Just because someone hasn’t ever been hired before doesn’t mean they’re new to the platform.

What does the “Intern process” actually consist of? I presume that you would give someone a task and they’d have to complete it? You wouldn’t be getting the code though, right?

Also, though your game seems interesting I don’t really think it would do well on roblox.


Just a few things you could probably clarify in your post,

  • As Kymaraaa said, not hiring someone because they’ve not been hired before is odd. No past employers =/= new. Plenty of excellent programmers who haven’t been hired before, you could be disgarding some excellent candidates.
  • 6 hour week =/= full time, you might want to edit that in your post as those who glance might misunderstand.
  • Intern process - are you working on this game during it? Will you keep any code produced regardless of whether you proceed?
  • Two weeks until deadline, and you’re suggesting 6 hour weeks. 12 hours to program an entire game is unrealistic. “The work is very, very simple and straightforward” - it may seem simple to someone who doesn’t program, but nothing is ever as easy as it looks and is often rather intricate.
  • Payment is low and will likely work out to less than minimum wage. If there are any projects that you could post that demonstrate that the chance of making a good return are high would help ease concerns about mainly taking a percentage.
  • Marketing strategy?

All this said, the concept is quite interesting and I do look forward to seeing the finished product. Best of luck!


As for your questions, @Kymaraaa I want people who aren’t new to commissioning so they know how to collaborate and speak in a development group well. I understand your point on how a new player could be just as good as a long-time member, but I’d prefer to have someone who knows what they’re doing and someone who’s done this before rather than someone who doesn’t know how to work with a team.

The intern process is a simple method of letting me know: can you script? If you can script, can you do it well? I do not hire people without getting a “taste” of them first so I know what they can do. As for your question about keeping the code, no. They work in their own place, and I usually have interns create a similar program or feature to something related to the task/project, as letting an intern work on something completely random would not do me any good.

A majority of the player-base on Roblox is looking for new, fresh games instead of the same old simulators and click-to-buy games. I know a good 100 players who would spend a lot of money in games like these just because they’re original- and they have a fun concept with fun stories.

@substratosphere The code really isn’t that hard. I’m offering a straight 65k(or 40k) + % in exchange for a single level’s code, which essentially includes just the stories and picking up tools / using them. I’m only paying a lot more then I would because you also have to do the achievements and hint purchasing, pets and all that. Even so- this isn’t that hard of a task. I know a few people who could get all of the main stuff done in under 4 hours and the rest of level one in under 2.

The 6-hour a week proposition is not the only time you work on it. It’s plainly the minimum amount of hours you have to work per week. Really just depends on your speed and time frame. The estimated arrival date of level 1 // alpha is somewhere around early april- I just hoped to get the main base of the game done before the end of march.

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Programmers feel more entitled to larger payouts, I’m not supportive of this ideology I simply only acknowledge why it happens.

This post basically summarizes why most programmers feel entitled to larger payouts regardless of how complex or simplistic the task is.


Why the negative tone? Is it unreasonable for programmers to want to be paid properly?

I’d encourage you to read the reply (linked at the top) I’ve recently added to that post. For reference, seemingly unlike the creator of this post (no hate to them, nothing wrong with this recruitment post imo), for the majority of my games I do the building, scripting, graphics and UI myself, to me at least that gives me a pretty good idea of how much each role should be receiving. If you don’t want to agree with the post that’s fine but don’t just disregard it as ‘for some reason’.


It doesn’t take in account for price discrimination that could differentiate studio’s that lack experience vs studio’s that have experience. Not being able to renegotiate the payout / % over a period of time without any viable data. to base it on is a risky move especially when the studio is new to the industry. Forcing the contract to be essentially written in stone is more harmful than beneficial to studios. In rare cases even credible experienced studio’s can end up failing that I recently covered here.

These demands force new studio’s to make risky decisions when it comes to how they market the game instead of focusing on the most important aspect which is the fun factor. Overly monetizing projects diminishes the F2P aspect which isn’t what players want yet studios will be forced to find creative ways to sneak in monetization.

It isn’t that I disagree yet more so I’m not fond of your approach. While you made several valid points It can’t be denied that it’s a one sided argument only beneficial to one party instead of both parties involved.

I’m in more favor of:

  • Both parties mutually agree to a deal that is beneficial to both sides that isn’t written in stone.
  • Allowing Studios to make reasonable modifications to the programmers contract.
  • Studios are obligated to remain flexible to the programmers demands, requests.

Obviously this isn’t the source of where the entitlement began, this has been an on going issue ever since developers exchange was first introduced.

I refer to your post as a noteworthy source since it gave me a better understanding as to why it has to be this way. I personally believe studio’s need to become familiar with this ideology if they want to be successful.


I don’t believe I ever said in my post that the payment was set in stone. I’m just going off of my perspective. If scripters don’t want to apply for this because of the payment- then that’s on them.
I strictly pointed out that you would be able to negotiate the payment, for more %, more r$, whatever. I chose not to go over 40% for my personal reasons because I would prefer to have myself set at 40%, and 20% going to the group for sponsors, advertisements, contractor payments and such.

Considering that everything has been completed besides the scripts, it’s extremely straightforward.
We tell the scripter exactly what to do, how to do it, give them feedback. It’s not like “make an inventory system” and that’s what they do. We describe- in depth how it should work, the tweening, the clicking motions, sfx or no sfx, etc.

I’m also trying to make this a fun, and enjoyable project as it brings something new to the table on the platform. If everyone made the exact same type of game- what fun would that be?
Regarding payment, once we open alpha the game isn’t even open to the public yet and we’re getting 25R$ per sale. Might not make as much as something like bloxburg, but it will make sales.

:white_check_mark: Following this post- the position has been taken for now. If a new spot opens up because of any other issue- I’ll let everyone know. Thanks for your suggestions @PurpSinister


Having prices set in stone is not a bad thing. It means that everyone working on a project can be sure they will get paid what they have previously agreed is a fair price.

On the topic of bad studios, I really don’t understand what you’re trying to say or why it’s relevant. However, every game is a risk and every developer knows that, that’s why it’s always hard to decide between a percentage or an upfront payment. The potential for the game to fail is something people often don’t take into account, and this risk should be factored into the percentage.

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