[CLOSED] [7 outfits for 100k Robux] Design outfits for Roblox Titanic!

EDIT: Position has been filled, thanks to al who applied!

Hi, I’m Inyo22, lead modeler for Virtual Valley Games. I’m the one who made a boat that don’t float.

Our game “Roblox Titanic” (Roblox Titanic - Roblox) has accumulated a 124 Million visits and averages 4.3 million visits per month for the past year!

We have a rather empty corner in our game lobby which we aim to fill with a total of 7 outfits.

About the Job:

We are looking for a clothing designer to create 7 1910 era outfits.
Three outfits will be based on clothing worn by 2nd and 3rd class passengers aboard Titanic (One Male, One Female, One Child) and one specific outfit for the Stokers (Coal Workers) on Titanic.

The clothing designer must be able to work with reference photos and be willing to invest some research into general fashion of the 1910’s (Relation to Titanic and ocean liner travel of the time specifically) References will be sent to the artist upon acceptance of the Commission. Example of the style to be expected.


Payment will be 14,285 Robux per outfit ($50 worth of Robux if you can DevEx). If chosen, all 7 outfits must be completed, totaling to 100,000 Robux (Approx. $350 worth). Payments will be in Robux, sent via group payouts. No USD exceptions.


Send in your portfolio in your initial message here through the Developer Forum to me. Bonus if you have created outfits with relevance to historical styles! I will get back to any messages by Monday the 18th.

Timeline for completion of the commission would be by the end of January.


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