[Closed] [8 Years Of Experience In 3d Modeling]

About Me
My name is Reezion, I am a 17 year old advanced 3D Modeler with 8 years of experience. I build many different assets, vehicles, guns, landscapes, and anything else. I create high poly models under the Obj format on a program called Fusion 360.

I am currently unavailable and will be for the following 3 months.

(I only accept game royalties.)

You can contact me here on the Dev Forum or on Discord: Brenden#1234

Thank you for taking you time and reading this post, and I hope we can work together some time!!


there we go all fixed up :smiley:

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That tank is amazing, keep up the good work!


I’ve been working with Medieval for the past few weeks and I have been extremely pleased with his work and delivery speed. 10/10 recommend!

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Hello! I love your work, could you please add me I would like to discuss some business with you regarding 2 of my vehicles that need to be made. I have blueprints and a handful of references, please contact me @Maximus-#4817

How much could you model a Learjet 70 for?