[CLOSED ]90k+ R$ | In Need of Builder for MHA Game!

.Discord XxMissSporty877241xX#2271

yes i can help me as a builder if u wanna see my work contact me on discord haseebabidi#8269

Hello, im SamRBX#7330, im a ui designer and builder, and also modeler. Im a high quality builder add me on discord.i have a lot of past work to show [PORTFOLIO] UI Designer, Builder, Modeler | SamRBX

hi im an animator
here is my portfolio and discord.
I currently done have any footage of any gun animations for the r15 rigs but i do well in those as well (if necessary).


Hey! I’m interested in the job as a builder!
My portfolio:Nothing, closed
My discord: Zakaruko#2029

Interested in the builder position. Vansmena // Scripter

I’m interested you can check out my portfolio here - Portfolio 1

Portfolio 2

My discord - vvolfy#0813

Im interested, this is my site https://sites.google.com/view/2y0ki/home

Hey there! Thank you a lot for reaching out! Your work is truly neat but it’s unfortunately not quite what I’m in need of.

The examples you have in your portfolio are just the type of builds I’m in search of, I’ll be reaching out to you as soon as I can!

Any other requirments for a builder? Experience and time wise I mean.

It’s worth a shot, here’s my portfolio if you’re interested. Vansmena // Scripter

I’m an experienced builder that can work in all styles. Such as detailed, low poly, environment building, furniture, etc… My Discord is MetroVariables#4026.

Once again in need of a builder due to unforeseen circumstances with the previous.

Hello! I am interested. :slight_smile: ([Closed] Daystopia || Builder Portfolio)

Hello! Is the builder job still open?
Here’s a example of low poly work i have

Hello, I am interested in the Low Poly Builder Position.

My portfolio: Mightism | Builder for Hire [Roblox Studio, Blender]
You can contact me on discord: Bernard#6230

Have a wonderful rest of your day!

Thank you very much for reaching out! Looked through your portfolio and your builds are looking neat so far, if you’ve got any examples of large maps you’ve built in the past then make sure to include those as well as those seem to be the best way to determine who is best fit for the job!

Hey there, I appreciate you reaching out with your work! If you have any more examples then feel free to reach out to me either in private messages or on Discord with more of your past work.