[CLOSED] [950 Robux] Music selection system needed for Cheese Obby

this is my most popular game but it has nothing to do with my scripting capabilitys, i made it when i was 12 and remade it when i was 15 which was ages ago. this is just to show i have some developer experiance.

if u want coding experience try this game - https://www.roblox.com/games/4977629845/PRE-ALPHA-1st-Level-Testing

It cuts off before I can see game links or images of any sort.

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I’ll look at this game. Nice game title.

For showcase it just says [showcase]

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click the link.
(30 char 30 30)

I’m clicking on showcase and it’s not taking me anywhere, and I don’t see any links can you check it?

[CLOSED] [ADVANCED] [CHEAP] UI/GFX Artist, Scripter click this

Oh sorry I didn’t see that that looks nice though.

How long would you expect it to get done?

I can finish it tomorrow (I think but that might change) but I will send it to you when you send the payment.

You might as well take longer if you want.

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Do you really think that you can create a good GUI by tomorrow? How much time would you spend on it?

I will start tomorrow end tomorrow. I work 5-6 hours a day. Do I have the job?

Looks like it’s yours. Remember that I can’t pay you for 6 days, no matter how fast you work.

I messaged you privately. That’s where we will talk about production.

btw I gave your testing world a thumbs up.

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But how will you pay? (30 chars)

and I can do this easily.

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